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  1. Hi everyone. I have finally set up a new website featuring some of the equipment I have for sale. I hope you will drop in for a visit. bolexpert.com
  2. Jaakko patented his optical printer in 1974 so it’s more like 45 years.
  3. It would be clearer to say pin 1 is negative and pin 4 is positive.
  4. Are you sure you’re not in macro mode?
  5. James, I am currently out of town till May 29th but I have a few Bolex cameras and lenses for sale. I am based in Montreal, Canada.
  6. Yes it’s 32mm. The precise designation that includes the thread pitch is M32x0.5mm.
  7. Your camera and magazine might need to be connected by a ground wire.
  8. Maybe the mount on the lens has a dent or deformity as a result of an impact.
  9. First make sure youre not in macro mode. Check if the lens mounts holding levers are holding the lens in securely without any play. If this doesnt change anything then you should have the collimation checked.
  10. A lot of the small series adapters snap on to the outer diameter of the filter ring and don't use the lens filter threads at all. The part that grabs onto the lens is segmented and has a certain amount of elasticity to attach securely. Maybe that's what you should be looking for instead. Measure the outside diameter of your 5.5mm lens to start.
  11. To solve the problem of soldered AAs not fitting, I had Digikey make me some packs from 4/5AA cells which are about 10mm shorter. Make two packs containing 8 cells in series and join then together. Each cell costs about $5. Fits in the battery casing with room to spare. Another solution is to use AAA cells instead. Todays NiMH AAA cells have a bit more capacity than the AA cells used in the original packs but would still allow you to use the same original charger.
  12. Adapters for Arriflex standard and bayonet were common.
  13. I have a Berthiot 8-40mm in H8RX version, if you are interested.
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