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  1. When used on a BMPCC, the Macro-Switar 36mm f/1.4 H8RX has a focusing range between approx. 6” and 30”, so macro only.
  2. Your footage is set for meters not feet.
  3. I’d like to offer advice but I’m confused. Is it Aaton or Eclair ACL II ?
  4. If the D16 has a super-16 sized sensor, I doubt very much that the 10-150mm would cover at all focal lengths since it barely covers regular 16mm.
  5. What are you using currently to power the camera? To be safe, I would stick to 12V NiCd or NiMH packs.
  6. Actually I was mistaken. Ooops! positive is pin 3, the top one in your picture. pin 1 is negative, the bottom one. pin 2, in the middle, is only used with a remote release accessory.
  7. You can use any regular C-mount zoom with the H8RX if you have a custom made turret which has one of the openings 2.213mm thicker. You might still get a little loss of quality at fully wide open aperture but at least you can focus the lens properly.
  8. According to my notes, using the 3-pin connector as the power input, connect positive to pin 3 and negative to pin 2. Trigger the motor by depressing the release button on the front.
  9. I recently powered an Arri 16S with this battery: https://power.tenergy.com/at-tenergy-li-ion-18650-7-4v-10-400mah-rechargeable-battery-pack-w-pcb-2s4p-76-96wh-5a-rate-sbs-configuration/ Worked quite well. Plenty of juice.
  10. Make sure both sides of the beamsplitter prism are clean and dust-free. Dust on the rear of the prism can show up on the image when the lens aperture is stopped down.
  11. The body shell of the Beaulieu is very soft metal and deforms rather easily if impacted. On the models with three lens turret, these also can often get deformed. You will be hard pressed to find many Beaulieu cameras given to students in film schools. They wouldn’t last very long. Bolex cameras are used almost universally in beginner classes.
  12. Hi everyone. I have finally set up a new website featuring some of the equipment I have for sale. I hope you will drop in for a visit. bolexpert.com
  13. Jaakko patented his optical printer in 1974 so it’s more like 45 years.
  14. It would be clearer to say pin 1 is negative and pin 4 is positive.
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