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  1. Looking for a 35mm 4-plate Steenbeck flatbed editor. Has to be a 4-plate, and has to be 35mm. If you have one to sell or know someone who might, please email. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a lens blimp for an Angenieux 25-250 T3.9 zoom lens for use on an Arriflex BLI or BLII camera. Many people won't even know what I'm referring to, but if you do, and if you've got one sitting on a shelf collecting dust (or know of someone who does), please contact me.
  3. Mitchell BNCR 35mm Camera Package currently up for auction on eBay: CLICK HERE to see the eBay AUCTION Buy it to use, or buy it to display. Either way, someone is going to get a Great Deal! NO RESERVE AUCTION
  4. Hello from Visual Products, I assure you there is nothing nefarious going on here-- unless you consider me being not so bright nefarious. What can I say, it was not one of my better listings. First, after spelling "panchro" correctly about twenty times in the listing, I managed to spell it incorrectly in the title of the auction (if anyone was searching for the illusive speed "pancho" lenses, they had no problem finding them on ebay this week!). I caught the error about two days into the auction, and I couldn't edit it because there were bids placed. I decided to let the auction go because I knew pulling the auction and relisting it would just look suspicious. Then, to add insult to injury, I did some housecleaning on our website and ended up deleting a folding without remembering that it contained the photos of the BNCR mount for the speed panchro lens auction (the lens pix were in a different folder). I didn't catch that one until 8 minutes before the auction ended when I checked the auction and saw Stephen's question. At that point it was too late to fix. Like I said, not one of my better auctions. I can assure everyone that the winning bidder will get a VP BNCR mount along with the lenses...(and I'll try to get more sleep or something before I list anymore items on ebay). Rick Benton Sales Visual Products, Inc. rick@visualproducts.com
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