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  1. Anyone know what unit/ set up Savides used on the Fiona Apple "Criminal" video?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I recently had a chance to shoot with it on a small music video. We used the new Sony primes (35, 50, 85) and nikons. The physical quality of the lens's weren't that great, but I thought they looked great, and for the price, I think there a good option. The camera performed well, but the one issue we had was shooting in slow motion we hd a interesting "banding effect" on the image, like you could see the rolling shutter. Very interesting and was only on some of the slow-mo shots. I strongly prefer it over. Any hdslr set up. Marc
  3. Marc Shap

    s16mm Features

    What are some main stream drama features shot s16mm in the last 10 years?
  4. Hi, I'm curious as to what lens's and stocks were used for this film, and anything else you can tell me about it. Any insight or techniques used by Nestor Almendros would be much appreciated. Thanks-
  5. Just want to know the pros and cons of digitally projecting 5d footage on the big screen, and doing a 35mm film out from the 5d footage. How would this compare to a RED? Any help/insight is appreciated. Marc
  6. Hi there, Could someone please fill me in as to what to look for and what not to look for in being rep'd. Im a "fairly established" DP, and now having shot some bigger features, Im having agents contacting me me with interest. I want to make sure Im making the right move with the right agency. If you could please contact me directly, I could fill you in with more specifics. Any help is appreciated. Thanks So Much! Marc
  7. Hi Im wondering what lens's will best match the RED Primes. I have a set of the RED primes but I still need a wider focal length (18mm) and a longer focal length(135mm) what will match the best? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, Im shooting a film coming up where their is a fair amount of car scenes. To maintain the Hand held feel to the film wed like to shoot from a process trailer and not hard mount it to a hostess tray. However there is limited budget. Is there a kind of Rig that allows a platform to go out from the bottom of the car to operate from, kind of like a one sided process trailer plat form. It only has to be about 4 feet wide 3 feet deep is this something that could be built out of speedrail, off the frame of the car? Does this make sense? So basically to be on a platform operating out side of the car as it is moving. Is this safe/doable? are there any pictures/examples? Any help is appreciated. best, Marc www.marcshap.com
  9. I posted some pics here: http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/Al...21/t_=132743421 Cheers, marc
  10. Hi, Im selling my Ostcam Konvas 2m. Its a modified 2m with updated electronics, 1-60fps, 2- 400' mags, programable Intervalometer, rotatable eyepiece, S35 gate, nikon Mt.,Hard case Camera works well, just dont shoot enough anymore. Had it serviced about 2 years ago, and since ran about 3,000 feet of film through it Asking 3,000$ w/o glass Call or email for more pics and info! Best, Marc dpmshap@gmail.com 805.302.6085
  11. I was wondering basically how you all learned and the best materials available to read and study it. I am eager to learn and do good work and would really appreciate you're all's help. Thank you for your time. I have found that in my few short years as a working DP, the Best way to learn is to shoot, and to keep shooting, get on as many sets as you can and shoot as much as you can, at least for me I have to see what the light is doing rather then reading about it, even if there is diagrams i need to see it, and see how and what I can do to change it. Mistakes are a good way to learn too..... I would suggest "Reflections- twenty one cinematographers at work" is a great book to check out, also "the 5 C's of cinematography" marc
  12. Hi, I am lighting a backdrop for a Music Video, its of a church Interior. I am assuming its like a vinyl material, what lights are typically used to light backdrops. I would think like a 10k Skypan? Any thoughts? marc
  13. Hi, I have a video coming up where I need to flicker/dim (4-6) 9light maxis. What do I need in order to do this. I see it all the time, just not sure what there using? Thanks Marc
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