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  1. 2007 If you ever had the pleasure to meet Jim Glennon, you would have a friend for life. He was generous with his time and treated everyone he came into contact with the same courtesy and interest. My favorite memory is a commercial project Jim did with us (AckermanBenson) that took us to the mountains and plains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The campaign was for Chevron and J. Walter Thompson, San Francisco. We were to track and photograph a herd of elk who at the time were to give birth their babies in the wild. That's a project that obviously called for great patience and ingenuity. I realized Jim was the perfect choice. One particular shot was designed to move the camera 60 feet off the ground, across a wooded canyon, through the trees, and lowering down into the elks' nesting area. Jim supervised and designed an all day rigging of cables, pulleys and various gear secured from a yacht supply store. When it came time to test the traveling rig, Jim loaded it with sand bags to simulate the weight of the operator. Jim was a big guy and the sandbags he was loading looked more like the weight of the assistant cameraman. I could see the AC's face turn flush and Jim looked at him with that great smile and said "You always wanted to be an operator, right?" We'll miss you Jim. Gregg Ackerman
  2. JAMES GLENNON - Tributes http://jlphotosusa.com/JamesGlennon.html JAMES GLENNON - Photos http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html JOHN LONGENECKER
  3. December 24, 2006 Hello Jean-Marie Delorme: In about 1990 and thereafter I bought several 16mm MOS Cameras. 1. H16 Bolex RX-4 2. Canon Scoopic 16M 3. Beaulieu R16 I also bought some Super 8 Film Cameras 1. Canon 1014XL-S 2. Canon 1014E 3. Nizo 801 Macro 4. Beaulieu 4008 Pro I set-up a simple camera rental service and listed the cameras in LA411 and rented the cameras to music videos and commercials. After some time Directors invited me to shoot second unit on music videos and TV spots. One music video director brought me onboard on more than 15 music videos. He later directed an independent feature movie and invited me to shoot as second unit DP and Secodn Unit Director -- and I joined the Directors Guild of America as a Director. JAMES GLENNON, ASC was working as a Camera Assistant and Camera Operator and in about 1975 he bought an Eclair NPR 16mm camera. That led to his work as a DP on his first feature. His father, Bert Glennnon, bought a B&H 35mm hand crank camera in the 1920s and that led him to his work as a DP. So, here we are in 2006. My recommendation to anyone interested in making movies: Get your own gear to shoot and edit 2006 1. Buy a HD Digital Video Camera 2. Buy an Apple Mac with video editing software Start shooting and editing. One thing leads to another. Buy Film Cameras 16mm - buy an Arri ST - MOS 16mm - by an Arri SR - sound Super 16 -- buy an Eclair ACL - sound -- buy an Eclair NPR - sound -- buy an Aaton A-Minima - sound -- buy a Bolex Super 16mm - MOS 35mm -- Arri IIC - MOS At some point in becomes a matter of your budget. That's it! Stay Tuned. JOHN LONGENECKER JAMES GLENNON http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html http://imdb.com/name/nm0322694/filmoyear | imdb Bert Glennon http://imdb.com/name/nm0322688/ | imdb Super 8 http://super8guy.com/ 16mm Bolex Rx-4 http://bolexguy.com/ Canon Scoopic 16M http://scoopicguy.com/ JOHN LONGENECKER http://johnlongenecker.com/
  4. December 24, 2006 JAMES GLENNON TRIBUTES http://jlphotosusa.com/JamesGlennon.html JAMES GLENNON PHOTOS http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html JOHN LONGENECKER
  5. December 24, 2006 JAMES GLENNON TRIBUTES If you knew JAMES GLENNON and have some good stories of working with him, you can add your stories here. Thanks, JOHN LONGENECKER JAMES GLENNON - Photos http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html JAMES GLENNON - Tributes ttp://jlphotosusa.com/JamesGlennon.html
  6. December 23, 2006 Re: Super 8 Film Cameras Hello Adam: As I see it, the key for a Super 8 Film Camers is the lens. 10 to 1 or better is a good choice A Canon 1014XL-S - 10 to 1 6.5 to 65mm A Canon 1014E - 10 to 1 7.0 to 70mm Those are fine cameras. The Canon 1014XL-S is my first choice in Super 8. Good lens - 1 - 9 - 18 - 24 - 23 fps Built in Intervelometer 4.3mm wide addachement Wide is difficult to achieve in Super 8. Telephoto is simple. However, these Canon cameras may not be light weight wnough fo your use. Nizo Super 8 Cameras are light weight -- mos camers As for Nizo cameras The Nizo 801 Macro is my firsy choice because of its lens 7mm to 80mm Kodak no longer makes Super 8 Sound cartridges The Nizo 801 Macro is an mos Super 8 Camera and does not accept a Kodak Super 8 Sound Cartridge so it is smaller than other Nizo models that accept sound cartridges. See: http://super8guy.com/Nizo.html Super 8 Camera information: See: http://super8guy.com/ | See: http://super8guy.com/Directory.html ASA The ASA is set by the NOTCH on the Kodak Super 8 Film cartridge that fits into an ASA sensor inside the camera. Often the automatic exposure workes well with Super 8 Film that matches film stock ASA available at the time the camera was built. I often use a light meter. When I shoot Super 8 Color Negative film stock I overexpose one stop or more to get a thick emulsion on the film - telecine can handle overexposed color negative Super 8 film very well. Reversal Super 8 film stock requires precise exposure. Although on an Errol Morris TV spot http://www.errolmorris.com/ one roll of Ektachrome was way over exposed after the AA batteries lost their charge on a Canon 1014E during a shot while I was operating. Very thin emulsion - nearly clear. The Telecine Machine and guys at Rushes were able to pull some color out of that strip of film and the result looked as if the film image frames were hand painted. A creative technique? Maybe not. Just weak batteries, but it got me thinking. That's it! Stay Tuned. JOHN LONGENECKER Now here is a wonderful man: JAMES GLENNON, ASC - photos http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html
  7. December 23, 1006 JAMES GLENNON Directory of Photography American Unit Return Of The Jedi JAMES GLENNON photos: http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html JAMES GLENNON tributes http://jlphotosusa.com/Glennon.html JOHN LONGENECKER
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