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  1. Actually the Optimos have stellar image quality - the biggest drawbacks of the 24-290 are the size and 4' minimum focus, not image problems.
  2. Yes, 6.5mm is the shortest focal length. The long orange line is the macro portion of the focusing range.
  3. Upgrade your equipment. Your screen shape is outdated ;)
  4. Nah, warm glass won't fog in cold temperatures. Think about your car defogger and what method it uses to prevent your windows from fogging - that's right, it heats them up. BTDT in more cold film locations than I can remember.
  5. This is actually the opposite of true - cold lenses will fog up in a warm environment, but warm lenses will not fog up in a cold environment. In fact, if you plan on going back inside at some point, it's best to keep the lenses warm, or at least not make an effort to get them cold. Opening cases to get gear acclimatized is standard operating procedure when going into a warm environment with cold gear, but trying to get warm gear cold is wasted effort.
  6. not worth stirring up the hornets nest
  7. Transylvania Express Ltd. Camera Support Technology. Nice people and very knowledgeable.
  8. I am looking for an Arri 35-3 handheld door/viewfinder and 35-3 Nikon lens mount. If you know of any available please do share this knowledge. Thanks!
  9. Not technically a blog, but awesome: http://www.rogerdeakins.com/forum/
  10. Very useful for anytime you cannot place the camera at the exact distance required for a matching reverse. Most DOF calculators include a similar function however - my Samuelson has a "Field of View Nomogram" on the back, and I believe Kelly wheels have such a function in their dials.
  11. Why not just shoot 100 feet and then save the rest as a shortend? You don't need to shoot the whole roll to send the exposed portion to the lab. You can test the film without shooting at all, however. Talk to your lab about sending them a sample for a snip test.
  12. I'm sorry, your DP doesn't know his camera very well. Time for a new DP. ;) John is right, you did not record HD - you recorded DV. :(
  13. I've loaded millions of feet of 35mm and never seen a need for special scissors - just tear a few times until you find some perfs. With practice it's possible within a few tears even in the dark. Funny (frustrating) thing is, the cameras that you are likely to work with when just starting out (old Arris and others) are much more difficult to load than the cameras you will work with when you get more experienced (Arricam, Panavision). The newer camera's mags don't care at all what the end of the film looks like. :)
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