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  1. the film looks good (I have seen previews) What was the budget?
  2. I dont think it would be that big of a deal in SOuth India.
  3. Is it equivilent to the Fstop in still photography?
  4. Hasan khan

    Godfather 2

    I mean the first half of the movie is extremly low light scenes; especially the party in the beginning. Whats the diff between low key scene and underexposer? I mean most of the time you cant even see Al Pacino's face.
  5. How is deep focus done? I think in CZ they had to reshoot the same scene several times and put them together in PP (the scene with the poison I think).
  6. I knew about the use of deep focus in CZ I just misinterpreted his post. Thank for clearing that up anyway. I think I agree though, but saying that the envirnments and sets you shoot around are horrible is not really a good excuse and using deef focus and minimum editing (like Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles in CZ, and Scorsese) would look bland to most viewers who want pure entertainment. Its a different case entirely with commercials though and thats understandable. Im also disappointed to see even big-budget movies like Spider-man 2 look so boring; other than the SFX there is nothing in the movie that makes it look like a 250 million movie.
  7. Im a newbie would you elaborate on the Citizen KAne comment.
  8. First of all I want to say the movie is amazing but while watching it I noticed how he mostly used long zooming in of zoom out shots and it almost looked like it was shot on video with no artificial light whatsoever. Does anyone with alot more knowlegde of cinematography know more? The Shining adn Taxi Driver too/
  9. Newbie here just wondering how much does an average commercial cost in the USA and Europe. Any commerical like the Beer comercials, Axe deoderant, car ones.
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