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  1. I hear you, brother! Been there. Done that. Many times. I do get a bit better with age!
  2. I think you're overthinking it. Use common sense and you will be fine! I use the Peli because it's a safe case for transport and crazy people on set! 🙂
  3. Yeah it all depends. Where are you located? Most rental houses store them in their flight cases, but they also have quite controlled environments usually. So if you can have a humidity controlled locker that would be ideal. And well, the thing with Pelicases is that they're (almost) airtight and if it is humid in there it will stay that way and provide a good environment for fungus to grow.
  4. Hi guys, Webster asked me to post a pic of my "lens shelf" 🙂 as he calls it. It's an IKEA cabinet with glass doors. When they're not in the Peli my glass lives there. But mind you I live in LA so humidity isn't an issue usually... Best, David
  5. Gruezi David! Let me know if you need more pictures or other information on the earlier XTRs. Mine (C1776) is an intermediate between the plus and the normal XTR. Best, David
  6. Servus Patrick! Haette Interesse am Cooke SP! Was stellst Dir in etwa vor?
  7. As far as we know they made 48. And we're trying to find where all of them are!
  8. Hi Charles! Can confirm that. 1/4 of a second. And I have an intervalometer for the XTR family if you ever need one! Best, David
  9. Hi fellow Aaton users, hope you're all well and have purring kittens on your shoulders! My friend David Schweitzer and I are compiling a list of all the Penelopes around the world. Who owns one? What serial number do you guys have? If you don't own one, where do you rent it? Do you know how to service it? Who are your techs? For those of you who are on Facebook, please join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1870336556426483/ We're trying to create a mutual support group and information center for all things Shoulder Cat! we'd love to have you join us in the Quest! Merci bien, David
  10. Hi Fred, you guys still have the Penelope? Best, David
  11. Hi Mack, did you end buying one? If so, please do get in touch with me at david@auner.net. I'm trying to compile a database of all owners and users. Merci bien!
  12. Thanks to Glenn we know have a wealth of info on old Angies! He scanned this very informative table for me. Thanks again, mate! http://www.auner.net/misc/DOF/Angenieux_Lens_Table_Oct_72.jpg So it really seems to be 45mm and 36 tpi. Best, Dave
  13. Glenn, could you post a scan of the broschure? I'd love to read that!
  14. Hi folks, does anybody have any an idea what size filter thread the old sweet Angie has? Seems to be around 49mm but I am not quite sure... I desperately need some NDs for that.. ;) Thanks! Cheers, Dave
  15. Quoting Adrian above: It's not really rocket science, for me at least. I'll often use a incident meter, and I'll stand on the talent's mark, and I'll point the lumisphere at the camera and get a reading. I know then with that reading, in that position, I'll get a "properly exposed" talent, which is nice, but doesn't help too much. Well, actually no. that's not quite true mate. Your meter is calibrated to about 12%-15% reflectance (depending on make and model and not 18% as everybody assumes and almost every books says!). And "average Caucasian" skin reflects about 35% of the light. So to get "proper" exposure you'd have stop down about one to 1,5 stops. Put in Zone System terms this means your meter assumes a Zone V but a face actually should fall into Zone VI so you close down one stop to put it one Zone higher "up"! Best, Dave
  16. Hi Matej, can you take a shot of the rods for me? Thanks! Best, Dave
  17. Thanks John! Makes sense to me. I remember reading that quite a large portion was shot with a 50mil to make the audience a voyeur as well... Regards, Dave
  18. Hi guys, am helping out a dear friend with an art project. She asked me to research lenses used in a couple of movies, the first being Psycho. Any clues what they used? Thanks, Dave
  19. Bonjour mes amis! Anyone going to the Micro Salon in Paris this weekend? Would be fun to see you guys there! Regards, Dave PS: Guess you'll easily recognize me... :D
  20. I'll be there too, from tomorrow night till Sunday morning. Text me at +436641127481 if you want to go for a beer or somesuch! Looking forward to seeing you guys! Regards, Dave
  21. +1 what Chris and Jeremy said. The REX-5 is, in my mind, the queen of the H16 Reflexes. Cheers, Dave
  22. That was my first thought too. Hard to check now though... So if you can recreate the effect looking through the finder. Your Bolex is a Reflex, right? Regards, Dave
  23. Dear Robert, do you have a means of scanning and uploading the manual? I am sure loads of folks here on the boards would appreciate that! Best, Dave
  24. Hi David, a couple of years ago we used Christmas fairy lights suspended a little bit above the lens via magic arm. Worked really well and made a unique eyelight ;) Regards, Dave
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