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  1. Selling my personal set of Cooke S4/i lenses. Set of 9. Purchased new 3 years ago. 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, 135mm T2.0. List price is $165,000 USD for this set. They are in mint condition and will be serviced before shipping. Ships in original Cooke boxes. Selling for $136,000 USD (Price updated June 3, 2019) I believe the waitlist to order new is still 8-12 months. This is in my possession and my personal set of lenses. Can ship immediately. Please PM or email me at nli@q-films.com. Thanks, Norm
  2. Selling the following, please let me know if you are interested via PM or email (nli@q-films.com): Price Updated: June 3, 2019 - 1x Red Dragon DSMC Sliding Handle $80 (Now $40) - 1x Red DSMC SSD Reader - $100 (Now $50) - 1x Red Nato Plate - $300 (Now $120) - 2x Red One 19mm Rod Bracket - 200 ea. (Now $75 each) - 1x Red 19mm DSMC Top Bracket (+ Nato mount) - $500 (Now $200) - 1x Red DSMC Side Battery Handle - $600 (Now $400) - 1x Red V-mount Quickplate - $250 (Now $75) - 1x Red V-mount plate (plastic cover missing but works perfectly) - $150 (Now $50) - 3x Red 18" LCD/EVF Cables - $150 ea. (Now $75 each) - 1x Red 10ft LCD/EVF Cable - $180 (Now $75) - 1x Cramped Attic Red DSMC Power Breakout Box (3x 3-pin, 1x 4-pin, and 1x 2-pin) with input power cable - $350 (Now $250) - 2x 6' 5-pin (RED ONE) to XLR 4-pin power cables (can be adapted to Dragons via a 2B-1B cable) - $100 ea. (Now $50 each) - 2x Element Technica 15mm Bridge Plate - $300 ea. (Now $250) - 1x Element Technica 19mm Bridge Plate - $300 (Now $250) - 1x Element Technica Viewfinder Extention Bracket $100 (Now $75) - 1x Element Technica EVF Bracket - $150 (Now $50) - 1x Arri BP-8 19mm Bridge Plate - $450 (Now 400) - 1x Arri BA-2 19mm Bridge Support Bracket $250 (Now $200) - 1x Viewfactor FMJ Epic/Dragon Top Plate $150 (Now $50) - 1x Viewfactor FMJ 15mm Epic/Dragon Lightweight Rod Bracket $100 - 1x Freefly Movi M10 Lipo Charger $20 (Now $15) - 2x Watson Canon L-series Battery Smart Dual Chargers - $40 ea. (Now $25 ea) - 1x Ronford Baker Large Quick Release Plate - $400 USD (Now $350) - 2x 12" 19mm rods set $50 - 1x 8" 19mm rods set $40 - 1x 6" 19mm rods set $40 - 7x NEW O'Connor Glow in the Dark Follow Focus Marking Discs (Can be used on Arri FF's too) - $20 ea. (Now 7x for $100) - 3x Used O'Connor Glow in the Dark Follow Focus Marking Discs (Can be used on Arri FF's too) - $10 ea. (Now 3x for 25) - 7x NEW Arri Follow Focus Rings (Can be used on O'Connor CFF too) - $20 ea. (Now 7x for $100)
  3. Selling a set of Arri Master Primes for $195,000 USD. Set of 11. Located in the US. Please PM for photos or questions. Thanks! 16, 18, 21, 25, 27, 32, 35, 50, 75, 100, 135mm T1.3.
  4. I am selling an Alexa Mini package for $40,500 USD that has ~2260hrs. Please PM or email me if interested and for photos. Package list below: 1x Arri Alexa mini - 4:3 License - app 2650 hours1x Arri MVF-1 viewfinder1x Viewfinder cable 2x WC Nato Side ribs.1x WC top plate1x WC Bottom plate1x WC 15mm LW rod adaptor for rear rods.1x WC Nato rail for mounting Top handle.1x WC Nato Top Handle (that can be rotated to the front or rear)1x WC Top rod adaptor 15mm LW1x Arri Viewfinder mount1x Arri “battery” back 15mm LW1x WC battery plate w 2x Dtap.4x Medium CF rods2x Short CF1x Arri sound cable mini lemo to 2x XLR7x 128GB San Disk Cfast 2.0 cards1x Lexar usb3 card reader1x USB cable for card reader.
  5. Selling a set of 4 Arri MP's that a friend of mine privately owns. $20,500 USD each. 21mm 32mm 40mm 75mm Located in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks, Norm
  6. Sent you an email with a another Alexa Mini I have for sale in Europe. $42,000 USD 1x Arri Alexa mini - 4:3 License - app 2650 hours 1x Arri MVF-1 viewfinder 1x Viewfinder cable 2x WC Nato Side ribs. 1x WC top plate 1x WC Bottom plate 1x WC 15mm LW rod adaptor for rear rods. 1x WC Nato rail for mounting Top handle. 1x WC Nato Top Handle (that can be rotated to the front or rear) 1x WC Top rod adaptor 15mm LW 1x Arri Viewfinder mount 1x Arri “battery” back 15mm LW 1x WC battery plate w 2x Dtap. 4x Medium CF rods 2x Short CF 1x Arri sound cable mini lemo to 2x XLR 7x 128GB San Disk Cfast 2.0 cards 1x Lexar usb3 card reader 1x USB cable for card reader.
  7. I have a 7" TransVideo monitor if you are interested. It's like-new. Norm
  8. Selling my Cartoni Lambda 2-axis Fluid Head in excellent condition. $10,000 USD + S&H. Includes a custom hardcase. Thanks, Norm
  9. I'm selling my 2nd gen Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 1:1 Kit for $6200 USD right now. Please PM or email me if interested.
  10. Selling a set of like-new LEICA THALIA LF lenses. Covers 60mm+ Image Circles. 30mm 35mm 45mm 70mm 100mm List price is $149,500 USD. Selling for $120,000 USD. (Purchased second half of 2018 brand new). Please PM if interested. Thanks, Norm
  11. Hi, Selling my Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 1 TX to 1 RX (Generation 2) set. In excellent condition and not used very much. 1x Bolt Pro 2000 Transmitter HD-SDI 1x Bolt Pro 2000 Receiver HD-SDI 5x Wireless Antennas 1x 1/4 20" Thumb Screw 1x 1/2 20" Lightstand Adapter 1x PSU 2-Pin Lemo 18W 2x Wireless Antennas 1x Hot Shoe Adapter 1x Bit 118 P-tap to 2-pin Lemo COMES IN BLACK PELICAN CASE Selling for $6800 USD. Used they sell for $7000-7150 USD on various sites (https://cvp.com/product/open-box_teradek_ter-bolt-980-set_98102119) Ships from Vancouver, BC Canada. Thank you, Norm
  12. Price dropped to $30,000 CDN or $22,400 USD! Amazing price for full Maxima package + PLC Handwheel Controls!
  13. Price drop to $31,000 CDN or $23,220 USD.
  14. Hi,Selling my personal Panasonic BTLH1700 and BTLH1710 LCD's for sale 17" LCD's.They are in good condition and perfect working order. New LCD Panels installed on both monitors recently by authorized Panasonic vendor.BTLH1700 - $850 USDBTLH1710 - $1100 USDComes with a Pelican case and monitor spud as well.Thanks,Norm
  15. Selling the following used package but like-new as it was purchased Sept 2018.ARRI Alexa Mini Package = USD 47600ARRI Alexa Mini Viewfinder with Viewfinder cable and eyecup = USD 7460ARRI PL LDS mount with L-Bus connector = USD 17503 x Cfast 256GB Card = USD 20701 x K2.0001242 Codex CFast2.0 card reader = USD 370Above list prc less 15% discount. $50,515.50 USD. Please PM if interested.Thanks,Norm
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