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  1. For some reason I can't remember, one side of the mount won't hold the flow of electricity for very long, but it will enough so you can throw a battery on one side to bridge the gap while you swap a new battery on it. If that makes sense.
  2. I've used the duel battery rig so you can swap batteries without restarting. It's still a little tricky - you really need 2 batteries to do it effectively.
  3. You just drag and drop it into Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 Dunno, I don't do the editing for the things I've shot on it. But I've seen them import and it's basically drag and drop.
  4. Yeah, I'll recommend the HMC150. Very economical, the 'stock' is hella cheap. It's lightweight, great battery life, the image quality, when down-resed and color corrected looks really nice.
  5. I hear ya. And I appreciate it. I think I'm going to kind of let this one ride (possibly with a few tweaks) and then do another revamp. Thaks again.
  6. Thanks, David. Did you like the bottles especially? :P
  7. Woh, woh, wooooooh... I do believe I need to get a better render done for the web. But I implore you to take a second look, Mr. Rosenbloom. Maybe on a day with less mind-numbing work. Btw, a consumate Pro named Mike Drucker pulled on about 75% of the footage in that reel. I know you two have worked together before - he's my boy. Small world.
  8. Like many others when it was uber-slow early this year I put my nose to the grindstone and churned out a new reel. It wasn't easy, but I'm still open to suggestions on tweaks... I don't think I have it in me to completely overhaul at this point, but constructive criticism for next time would be greatly appreciated. Gus Sacks.com It can be seen here, or in HD on Vimeo if your computer can handle it and you don't mind it looking kind of choppy like it normally does: Reel on Vimeo Thanks much. Enjoy.
  9. They used this system on Atonement and it looked great.
  10. Correct, and I don't think it got made into anything it wasn't. Came and went. Nada.
  11. Of course he was kidding, Tim! And I sent a PM a lil while ago, but it went unanswered. Dunno if that inbox will get cleared anytime soon.
  12. I had the pleasure of 2nd ACing on a RED shoot for MTV that was using the 'Deakenized' set of lenses used on the Assn of Jesse James. It was a set of lenses and front elements that were mixed and matched to make 6 corresponding lens lengths, from I think 18mm to 45mm or so. One was a lens with no front element at all. One was a 50mm Macro One was a 60mm Macro and there were 3 front elements used in front of the Macros to get the effect when not using just the one lens (called #1) that required no front element. It was a lot of fun and interesting to use the set from Otto Nemenz.
  13. I really enjoyed using it for a short we did about a year ago. Colors really popped, especially in contrast to Kodak stocks, and the other softer Fuji stocks. I think over-exposing a half stop is possible if you're shooting all day exteriors and would like to reduce the grain - which I didn't have a huge problem with in general.
  14. Yeah... For some reason I've found I do dish it when it comes to reviewing work. But I would only hope for an expect the same with my own work. Haha, if you agree then you should give it to him straight! :rolleyes: Maybe he'll learn more. Yeah, they look pretty good.
  15. I might want to disagree with you, David. Most of the shots, save the one with the close-up in the foreground and the woman in the background, look very flat to me, and most of the lighting feels unmotivated and just like fill light gone wild. I think it still looks like Super16. Chris, I'd pay attention to your levels, and see that your actors don't pop out of the background so much like that - especially in a bar situation. But, yes, the bottles are nice.
  16. Not that my POV would be very helpful, but yes, it's slow. Coming out of winter, with the economy being what it is, and production shrinking in the city in general - it seems pretty dead. I have got jobs lined up for March, and I'm pretty happy about it. But I know a lot of people far more experienced than I who don't.
  17. Agreed, man. I always have the 1/8 and 1/4 on-set with HD if at all possible.
  18. Yeah, yuck. I worked as an AC for this really bad DP once who would light and then last minute would add (2) Kinos in the scene that would just over-light and making everything certainly disgusting. So gross, and I believe in-experience is the key.
  19. Sounds pretty thorough. Stills look awesome. I'm sure the project's going to turn out great; you'll do an excellent jo as always.
  20. Gus Sacks

    Camera Cost

    Talk to Getty. They of course do still images, but they've moved into the stock video market and I know a small prod co that makes tons of money on downloads each month.
  21. What it would be for a student film that could pay and afford S16... 150/day for 3 days... so 450.
  22. I dig the low-con color stuff up until that guy at the restaurant table. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Congrats, John. SXSW is a great festival. All the best.
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