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  1. This is a 16V nominal (15.6) 7AH NiCad battery pack with XLR-4 female connector. http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/battery.jpg (conveniently pictured with an iron -- for scale!) Weighs in at 5lbs. Was used with a Kinor 35H camera. Charged and discharged only about 10 times, so pretty much like new. Includes charger as well. $100 Selling because I'm making a new pack from NiMH cells. Cheers, Sean
  2. Interesting. I haven't paid attention to SSDs for a couple of years.. I did a stint working on radiation testing off-the-shelf units for space-based applications. the technology sure is improving. Cost is down around $10/GB it seems. Or $2/second for the uncompressed High-Def application. Still a couple orders of magnitude above spinning disks, but the reliability, noise, and power budgeting shine favorably upon them :) I'm going to push on with my current designs for a portable hardware-based capture system (ie. no CPUs)... trying to hit the $5k price point with about a 2 hour uncompressed capacity in a shoebox-sized form-factor and around a 30-40 watt power budget. What I'm looking for here are what people's expectations of such a thing would be... I know a bunch of people who would line up for something at that price point, but what features would be sorely missed if they prove too costly? Cheers, Sean
  3. Have a link to the article phil? I find it difficult to believe you put an uncompressed HD recorder together using flash. At 185MB/sec, that'd fill up pretty quick, not to mention the write-speeds of flash media would call for massive parallelism. maybe I should mention that I'm not talking about compressed recording.
  4. A bit of a hypothetical, but practical, opinion probe... If you owned a camera with an uncompressed output, and there was a portable recorder (say, lunchbox-sized) that could capture the output from it uncompressed, what sort of features would you be looking for, and what would you be expecting to shell out for such a thing? ($20k? $10k? $5k? :P ) ie. HD-SDI/HDMI/component inputs? outputs? multi-stream? audio? monitoring? (on-board via LCD?) ingest options? minimum run time? weight? compression option? timecode? As a big studio or broadcaster, obviously "everything, and more!" is the expected answer, but as an indy, what would you be willing to "get by" with? what would be "nice-to-have"s? Would you be first in line for such a box, or is HDV / DVCPRO-HD good enough? Cheers, Sean just wondering.... ;)
  5. I should mention that Adam Frey's 35mm feature "Hunting Dragonflies" was shot on a $10k budget. www.huntingdragonflies.com
  6. couple pics of the sliding base plate: http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/baseplate1.jpg http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/baseplate2.jpg
  7. Hi Tom, I'll snap a photo and try and itemize it all... http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/mattebox.jpg (actually, see http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/mattebox2.jpg for the russian details inside the case.. might be more informative than my descriptions below...) from top to bottom, left to right.... -case -2 filter stages -F50A matte -2 smaller inserts (never really did figure out what they were for.. additional lens-side matte stages?) -large lens ring (about 7-8" diameter -- good for larger anamorphic glass) -smaller lens ring (not pictured, about 5" diameter -- good for 35OPF18-1 and primes) -the matte box itself (felt lined, 12" wide) -various filter holders (150x150mm, 150x130mm, 130x130mm I believe are the sized) Not included are the actual side-mount rods to connect this to the camera body. I did have a bracket that connected it to standard 10cm x 15mm rods, but I just sold it separately last week. Different cameras use different brackets (ie. http://rafcamera.com/swinging-rods-for-kinor35c-p-368.html or http://rafcamera.com/mc/kinor/kinor-35n_880005_sa1.jpg ) Cheers, Sean
  8. Should be just fine. The DP flying a 535 on a recent shoot I was on remarked that it felt about the same weight as his 35H.. so it's definitely doable.. and I know he has flown his 35H before. Have fun! Just get ready to take lots of breaks :)
  9. This is kind of what I figured... they're following the Razor + Blades model :) Of course, as a hardware designer, this is still an interesting problem.
  10. Correct.. but this is about the same sort of stuff you'd find in a hard disk -- microcontroller, storage media, etc. I don't have any P2 cards, but for all intents and purposes, I'd assume they follow the PCMCIA disk specs. Hence, it should be possible to design a device that presents the same front-end interface to the camera. Would be nice to have 10x the storage for 1/10th the cost. I have a feeling Panasonic would have a problem with that though :)
  11. Just curious... I'm pretty sure Panasonic only wants people using P2 cards with the HVX200, but has anyone thought to try any other PCMCIA form-factor devices with this camera? PCMCIA hard disks do exist, though I don't think there have been any new ones released in years. There are PCMCIA-to-SATA adapters out there though. Anyhow... As a hardware project, it'd be interesting to know whether it's currently do-able off-the-shelf. Cheers, Sean
  12. Hi all, I have sold a bunch of lenses and mags, and still have the following items for sale from my 35H kit: -1000-foot mag $500 -variable speed controller $75 -synchronization unit $75 -16V 7AH battery pack w/ charger $100 -single-sided follow-focus $150 -zoom lens 35OPF18-1 (my favorite!) $1800 -matte box kit $300 -mag wedge/tilt adapter $350 -sliding bridgeplate w/ 15mm rods (45cm) $400 everything but the 1000-footer is redone in matching black. some photos here: www.smallpony.ca/forsale camera built up with zoom here: www.smallpony.ca/images/cam1.jpg The camera body is out with Steve Morton right now having its tune-up. Will be selling it once Steve gives me the all-clear. If anyone is interested in the entirety of the remaining kit, I could come up with a package price. Cheers, Sean
  13. congratulations on the lens! I just sold my 35, 50, 75 set for a steal... (david, this is what the 35mm looks like.. it's hefty: http://www.smallpony.ca/forsale/anamorphics4.jpg ) Cheers, Sean
  14. fyi, camera built up with zoom here: http://www.smallpony.ca/images/cam1.jpg and with 35mm anamorphic here: http://www.smallpony.ca/images/setup1.jpg (anamorphics are now sold, by the way)
  15. It was a fantastic package... the camera body is going to be headed back to Australia for a proper tune-up, and may not in fact be as broken as I was led to believe. This documentary was shot with the 35H: http://www.canadianfilm.com/writteninstone/movie.htm to watch it, you need to log in with the user/pass of CanFilm / ifco2006 There's also a lens-test-gone-spec here: http://www.smallpony.ca/theunit-720.mp4
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