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  1. I did a show in Italy under the bright mediterranean sun this summer and one of the locations we had was this hair salon with about 12x6 ornate picture windows. We shot in the location every sunday (the only time we could get it) for the four weeks of shooting in Genova. We were shooting with the dvx-100 and obviously could only handle about two or three stops over before becoming completely blown out. And during the day, the sun was hitting the buildings opposite at an f64 at noon, and changing about four stops during the day. So I had to apply a sheet of nd6 and and a sheet of nd9 to each window, and adjust them during the day. Doing that to 4 windows over 4 seperate days was an absolute pain...but I learned something about gelling windows! The best way I found to gel was to constantly adjust the gel, smoothing it out, applying and reapplying tape strips. If you do it right, it'll stay forever. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. I hear there's a patented gel cutter out there somewhere...not a bad idea.
  2. Is that true? I've heard some tell that you could buya 600w halogen work light from home depot, and while it might not have the best color spectrum (which is a non issue in B&W for the most part), it would get the job done a heck of a lot cheaper than an professional light. Of course, you wouldn't be able to direct it (at all), but for a broad fill, maybe a background light or something, would it work?
  3. Sorry I'm a bit late on this one, but on the subject of lighting a boring set, I gaffed a film set in a barber shop earlier this year. The script was a little off the wall, and gave the Dp and myself some room to get creative, and we ended up only throwing some corporate slashes on the walls --a couple 300s with the barn doors closed to a small slant -- and it came out really well in my opinion. Of course, if absolute realism is your goal, this probably isn't the best way to liven up a room (we also keyed all lights from the floor instead of from slightly elevated).
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