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  1. haha, I love that a producer would insist it was a plugin. I think it was trick-acting, and overcranked on steadicam. But there is a weird look to it. at times it loops like its 60p motion. check out this spot. here's a behind the scenes about it. pretty awesome stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teoSDTJDjF4 -matt
  2. I do my first checksumed backup, then run them through red rushes at 1/8 to make sure they transcode fine. If you get an error or drop frames, you'll know you've got some hairy footage. The checksum only really helps validate that the data was copied correctly. So you could've copied corrupted data correctly. I do my other 2 backups while redrushes is running. Unless you need to use a Red drive to keep up the data-rate, shoot on CF cards. They are faster to format, faster to backup and more reliable. I really, really, really do not like to use the red-drives. There is nothing comforting about a spinning-drive that has most likely been reformatted over a thousand times, used in heat, cold, dust and shaken. :wacko:
  3. I am in my last year at Cal State Northridge in the film production major w/ emphasis in cinematography. As for soccer, I am pretty sure we are d2. but the film program is pretty good, they do a pretty good job keeping equipment up to date and the classes are pretty good. Every semester, one of the senior projects gets picked as the arri project, and arri foots the bill for a majority of the shoot and lets you shoot on a spankin' new arricam. at the end of the day, its just school, you can take as little or as much away from as you want, it's not going to land you a job like an accounting degree but I feel learning in general is always a good thing... plus its a state school, super cheap.
  4. I'm going to some locations to check them out for our short film, and I was trying to figure out the difference in the field of views between my DSLR, standard and s16mm. Basically I want to make a matte on photoshop that I can throw over my DSLR photos to see what stuff looks like in the 16mm field of view with different lenses. If someone knows, or knows of a chart online...it'd be great help my camera is a canon 300d (I think original Canon Digital Rebel) thanks! -matt
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