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  1. Say - I've been asked if a Zeiss standard Distagon (2.1) lenses fit on the camera, and it got me wondering if there is a list of what lenses will and will not fit?
  2. Sorry - I meant to say - are the pins on the cable from the NETWORK connector to the same connector on the Cinedeck EX straight across - 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc all the way or is there a crossover pair like in networking cables?
  3. I didn't see it in the manual, are the pins SAT - 1 connects to and all the same, or are there some that are crossed like a network cable?
  4. Does anybody have a source for the small, spike looking points on the battery cases that are inserted inside the cameras? I'm hoping to engineer some for testing but cannot identify this bit at all... Thanks in advance! Joe
  5. I do - whats your location and I'll PM you a shipping quote. Did you get it serviced or replace the O-Ring yet?
  6. Oh yes - thankfully the actual mount is ok, minus the gears, so I just need gears + prism. I've been looking for quite a long time for this, lol.
  7. Mine has a cracked pechan / prism and I was looking for a donor before dropping $750 for the part. The bit I need can come from from XTR or LTR cameras.
  8. I was thinking $300, but am willing to let the market dictate price. I have 3 of these, so one is on eBay, one here and the other I'll keep for my LTR..
  9. This is for a complete Aaton Battery kit - 4 NP-25 batteries, 1x Adapter to Aaton, 1 three battery charger/conditioner and custom fitted Yellow Clairmont flight case. Tested and working well.
  10. Hey Thomas - https://www.govdeals.com/?fa=Main.Item&itemid=937&acctid=1581 ?
  11. Greta idea Tyler! I thought they just did the digital audio stuff nowadays? I sent an email to the regular address - Thanks!!
  12. I have mine in to Bernie for a rebuild and I need the small brass gear in the viewfinder to keep the image orientation correct, but would love to pick up a parts camera as I am sure to need other bits in the fiture. Thanks!
  13. I need some to bring my 35-3 back to full function, but especially looking for donor system w/Accessory Block intact. Please pm me with any bits you may have that you'd be willing to part with. Joe
  14. Lol - I'm difficult, so my gear is likewise. Seriously thanks for the input, I am moving this back a bit on my to do shelf.
  15. Yep, as if the D21 isn't enough, I am also looking for s.two OB-1 parts.
  16. My D21 has the dreaded "red light" issue and I'm looking for a new board. I know it is a long shot, but if you have a cannibalized or rough D21, I'd love to buy it.
  17. Hello - Am looking to source these for a friend who wants to use my 35-3 for a Steadicam shoot, so am looking for cheap rental or for sale to help make it happen. If you have any laying around or know of some please drop me a line. Thanks, Joe
  18. I'm located in LA. I also have some NPR and GSMO bits if you woudl be interested in a trade, including super rare GSMO belt kits.
  19. Mine has seperated prisms, so if you have one around on a parts machine I'd love to hear your offer! Joe
  20. Hello - I have just recieved a wonderful S16 LTR, but the prism in the viewfinder has broken free from the rotating shaft and while the glass prisms are ok, the anti-reflective black glass on the sides is broken and the prisms no longer rotate with the viewfinder and also can shift. Does this mean I just need another viewfinder or can it be repaired by a layman? I'm handy with cameras, but don't usually fool with the opticals as they are very fragile. I'm in LA, and have sent an initial email to Bernie for starters. Any advice would be appreciated. Joe
  21. I'm looking for one but before I get one fabricated, I wanted to see if anybody had one sitting around. Located in Hollywood. Thanks, Joe
  22. Looking for circuit boards and motors, any bits you have laying around. Have some Mirrors and other bits if anyone is interested.
  23. Chris - Can you post a schematic of the boards?
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