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  1. Photos can be downloaded from here: https://we.tl/BU3MI4403E
  2. Beautiful Kowa Anamorphic-35BS set of lenses for sale. Perfect condition, rehoused by PS Technik. PL-mount, metric scale, focus and iris gears. 80mm front. - 40mm /T2.3/ Serial Number: 45441 - 50mm /T2.3/ Serial Number: 55588 - 75mm /T2.8/ Serial Number: 75568 - 100mm /T3.4/ Serial Number: 105264 Package includes the lenses with front and back caps, case (Mastercases), Hoya close focus diopters (+1, +2, +4), Arri 80mm Clamp Adapter for LMB-5/LMB-15/LMB-25. Price: 88 000 Euro Payment by bank, invoice (free of VAT for buyers from EU with a valid VAT number), delivery costs and insurance are not included. Lenses are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  3. Sorry, I just saw David's post here. I'm shooting mostly commercials with the Phantom and my DoP's use mostly tungsten, dino's or flo's especially on rates above 150-200. You can record directly in the Cinemag if you shoot up to 400fps. (not in the camera buffer). Concernign the files saving: if i don't have Cinemag on the set we copy the file after each shot - perhaps if you shoot 2K on 1000fps you can record up to 4,5 seconds in the camera that is quite fine for such type of shots (this is more than 2 minutes in real time). The time needed between the shots is no more than 5 minutes. Probably David's technician didn't enabled the jumbo packets in the ethernet adpater of the camera and the host computer (with jumbo's enable you can experience 9000MTU transfer on regular lan card of the host computer). also be sure that you use SATA drive or if it's external hdd is better to be connected via eSata interface to the host computer (not USB or firewire). Test it and you'll see the performance.
  4. Hi Robert, If it's not a budget issue, my suggestion is to use the Phantom for both - hi-speed and 25fps. If you have and the Cinemag in the package, no doubts - use the Phantom. Better picture, better depth, much better in the dark areas. For both cameras you'll need good camera technician. For the Phantom you don't need so much lights (especially indoor) - the sensor is much more sensitive and there is no noise in the dark zones, that you will see if you choose Red. With the Phantom your picture will be sharper and with noisless details. From my experince any type of PL lenses works fine - Cookes S-4, Ultraprimes, the old Zeiss 1.3 - it depends of your taste. The Red writes files that they say are great - if you decompile them you'll see that this is just Jpeg2000 compression. The Phantom cine files are great, full with details in the picture and even all the camera info is written there (without the lens size). The files conversion is very important - so, you'll need someone experienced with color grading, but even you at home can convert the files using the utility from Vision Research (it's free) or the Glue tool dongle for Final Cut (not free - about 700$). But the VR utility is good - my advice is try not to convert the files in avi or mov format - convert them in uncmpressed tif (filmstrip), after you can open the shots in Lightroom prehaps to grade the first image andf to apply the settings to the whole filmstrip. Also if you plan to transfer your movie to the 35mm, believ me the results with Phantom are much better than the Red. nfortunatelly the Red so far is a big marketing campaign without real results (just advertising). Good luck!
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