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  1. Will, your two new batteries are on their way to you now.
  2. We re-cell these batteries as well as we now also have brand new NiMH batteris in stock for 4008
  3. As the camera work, auto iris is also working the problem is in the zoom unit on lens. The centre tap is for the iris contol motors only. What causing the problem is difficult to know but its on the lens unit. /Björn
  4. That´s right Jean-Louis, I have modified several Pathé lenses and changed this gear and fitted Beaulieu ones.
  5. This lens has not been fitted to a Beaulieu LCU, as the gear pitch on aperture ring is not for Beaulieu.
  6. I should not be surprised if there is some fault on the reflexing areas in the viewfinder prism or that the holder for the expo meter cell has come off the same.
  7. The C mount tread has to be adjusted to have the lens to stop in right position for the zoom and iris motor tubes contra the body. Most probably is there some problems with the function between needle and camera, it´s not common that the expo cell is cut out. If the cell was dead, you should have movement on needle in Test.
  8. Beaulieu have made set for a Iscorama with a Schneider 10mm lens and a LCU for 6/7008.
  9. Glenn, If you will have a modification on a Schneider 1,4/6-70 lens without C-tread its possibly for me to change the rear end for LCU to a C-mount tread. Björn Andersson
  10. Most probably there is some powering problem. If the needle drop when camera start running the power consumption from battery for driving motor is far to high. Battery can be bad or/and the camera need a overhaul with cleaning and re-oil. Test to see if you have same needle drop in TEST position.
  11. Not to forget, the wet dream for many Beaulieu user: Angenieux 1,2(T1,4)6-80(90)
  12. In the U shaped opening you shall see a moving part going up and down when the film take up spool is turning and indicating film running. If you don´t, your 4008 can be an early version where this parts have dropped into camera. It seems that you might have more than the ASA knob trouble, in this camera.
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