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  1. Thanks for the input Markus but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with the conversions before I first see the image. (HDSDI>DVI) I would be afraid of losing some of the subtleties that we rely on when lighting a scene. -Mike
  2. That was our initial idea, but with CRTs being phased out I can't find a HD CRT to purchase. I would love to find a resource and buy a CRT. We've been renting BVM CRTs up till now but at $400 / day it seems a waste not to own something. thanks for the input.
  3. Hi, As a Commercial Production house we have transitioned a lot of our film work to HD video. The biggest issue we are having is finding a HD LCD monitor we are happy lighting too. Any reviews / recommendations would be appreciated. We are currently looking at Cine-tal, Sony's new BVM LCDs and offerings from Boland. TIA -Mike
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