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  1. :unsure: OK, well i am pretty familiar to using film cameras, from arri's to Pana's and the work flow, yet my Cryptonite is HD/SD workflows. Can someone please tell me what are the Harddrive requirements for the best quality images from a SDX900. should i be getting a Terabyte Hard drive? Also what are the deck requirments for this system. Please help me, new to this camera and am looking for the bountiful expirience from the people who reside here. Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. In a few weeks i am shooting a short on an xl2. I am intirested in getting anamorphic lenses for the shoot for a 2.35 aspect ratio. the project will not be printed to film. I am a little inexpirienced with editting. but if anyone knows, does the image have to be unsqueezed (or is it possible) in editting programs such as avid, final cutt pro. ect...... Any help would be great!!!! p.s. i already know what attatchments i require to put on the camera to use the lenses. dan
  3. can always ask slowman idziak why he did that
  4. bob's i dea and the previous stated are exceptionaly easy. You can create a housing to hold the 50% silvered glass cheaply which can attach to the mattebox rods set at a 45 degree angle to the film plane(helps if it is made to change its angle slightly). the only pricey part is the half silvered glass. I think that a company named pancro does this, but this was a long time ago. good luck. effect looks great when it comes out. Just remeber that the glass soaks up 50% of the light.
  5. hello all, got a director im shooting for in a few weeks that wants to attempt the light an entire sceen with black lighting. I have never even tried or attmpted such an intiresting feet. Anyway, can existing light meters actually meter black lights or spot meters? Iwas thinking of using the black lights to iluminate florecent paints and using a a tungsten light colored to match that deep color of the black light for the actors. Intirested to see if anyone else has tried this. dan
  6. i go to chapman university in orange
  7. sorry bout that, thought it said at the bottom of my name, well at least it should. but anyway, i live in the l.a. area
  8. Hello again all, I am comming close to shooting a student short, My school provided arri s and sb cameras but i would prefer to use an arri sr. My question is, where is the best place to rent equipment for a low cost? thx all!
  9. i plan on shooting on kodak 7218 tungsten. as for power, i really dont have an issue with power since im shooting on a back lot and can get to some serious power. so 1k hmi pars should be good, hmm i shall look that up. thx so far, more suggestions the better!!!
  10. Hi all, im in need of some advice. I am trying to light a night scene for a street. I was thinking of using one Hmi with some full ctb on it to imitate moon light. I have a very limited budget, very limited. so i was wondering if there is a certain kind of Hmi that can cast pretty far and broad that i can still actuallty pick up an fstop. any suggestion. please help!!!!!
  11. mmm an intiresting topic. pretty much all i could add is, is i look at it this way film has had about 100 years to be perfected and digital is relatively new compaired to the age of digital. if it has lasted this long, no mater the format, ide say its still gonna be around for quite some time. however that is not to say that digital formats do not provide a bad source to creat film on, rather a different look. about prices, ide predict a slight increase in the codt of both 16 and 35mm. but hey im just a guy. :)
  12. experiment, experiment, experiment. careful to use a fog machine because depending on ur camera location u can see swirls of fog. unless thats what u want. the best bet for a foggy or hazy look is a haze machine( not to be confused with a fog machine. very nice. GOOD LUCK!
  13. i am a student enrolled in a college in southern california. i am majoring in cinematography. i am intirested if anyone is looking for a dp, gaffer, AC, ect. for shot that may or may not be school projects. it can be paid or not, i jut want the expirience and the joy of doing something i love. if any info please respond. thx alot . good luck everyone!
  14. thx alot guys, you are all the bomb. thx for the suggestions. i think im going to start playing around! thx dan
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