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  1. Hi Everyone I am a DP from India. Often the cameras that come for shoot don't have properly calibrated monitors and viewfinders. Since there isnt always a DIT on set, different monitors have different look. Especially if the camera viewfinder doesn't seem right it's a frustrating experience. Is there a way I can calibrate the viewfinder and onboard camera monitor for the Alexa or Red cameras? I don't mind buying a device/tool to do the job. Can somebody pls suggest a solution. Thanks Varun
  2. Hello I need some advice regarding the look of visuals shot using video cameras in the early 80's in India. The cameras that were available here were the 3 tube cameras like Sony DXC M3. I have to shoot something that should look like archival footage shot then. Can anyone please give advice regarding the cameras I could use, the post production techniques to get that look. Can anyone suggest where can I find some footage shot with those cameras. I have been told that those cameras used pneumatic recorders. What did the footage look like shot using the 3 tube cameras? How did they respond to low light conditions? Were there any particular traits they gave to the visuals (blacks, grains, tones, any timecodes etc)? Would be grateful for any suggestions. :) Thanks Varun Sud
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