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  1. hello, next month i will be shooting a low budget feature on alexa. in one scene of the film two actors are driving on a moped. the director and i want the scene to start of in a wide shot with them driving towards the camera. we then want to slighty move around the moped and move towards the face of one of the actors and end the scene in close up of this actor. we are on a tight budget so unfortunately it's not possible to use a russian arm etc. how would you do it on a tight budget? greenscreen? thanks for any help!
  2. i thought that i have to use the mirror to get more distance between the light and the window so that the light will become sharper and the rays will be more visible. wrong?
  3. hey everone, i'm shooting a commercial next week and i need your help concerning the lighting. we are shooting in a villa, family is sitting at the table and eating breakfast. i want a "golden morning look" with warm sunlight coming through the window (ca. 1m x 1m) and sunrays being visible. my idea was to use something like a 4 kW HMI PAR and position it outside under the window and bounce it into a mirror (standing about 10 m away from the villa) and back through the window. then use a little bit of haze inside to make the sunrays visible. but i have no idea if this approach will work. :rolleyes: thx for your help and sorry for my english. :lol:
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