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  1. [What I'm saying is cinema should conform to TV standards, since as TV is the main visual source.QUOTE] TV is the main visual source of what? News, Gameshows and Reality TV? Should Cinema really be forced to use a 4:3 frame (or any other ratio) simply because 'Jeopardy' or 'Big Brother' does? If the shape of the frame truly makes no difference to you, then perhaps a Cinematography forum is the wrong place for you to spend your time.
  2. I worked as an assistant for a few years, working under some really talented guys and learned a lot. I gave up assisting in the end because I wanting to be shooting stuff. It was the right decision, but sometimes I wonder how much more I would know if I had worked my way up through the ranks. That's why forums like this are so useful - ideas and advice being freely offered... Stuart
  3. While it's true that a lot of DP's served under other Cameramen, they were almost certainly working as AC's or Operators, rather than observing as some sort of Apprentice. Assisting is a really good way to learn your craft. If you're lucky, you will get to work with a wide range of talented DP's, and you will learn a lot. You just have to remember that you are there to do a job as well as learn. That path doesn't suit everyone. A good friend of mine who shoots commercials, was never an assistant, and quite freely admits he would have been terrible at it. Stuart
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