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  1. I have not posted here for ages, however it's 10 years ago today I received the camera & it still gets used.

    It's never needed a service, just upgrades. I did change the internal timecode last year myself.

  2. I am getting ready to test a B&H 2709....35mm.... I think it's 2 perf. This stuff's all pretty new to me. But from everything everyone says... the 2709 is a rock steady cam and pretty reliable though noisy (and heavy). My way around the noise is long lenses for certain shots and I'm planning on trying to make a blimp to house it. I've worked with fiberglass before and I think I can make one. I'm pretty excited to see what kind of results I can get on first test with a 100 year old hand crank camera. I have a motor that came with it, but it was designed as an animation motor so I am going to be talking to someone about making a motor for it which works with the frame counter I have at standard FPS speeds. If anyone wants to contact me directly about it my e-mail is fergusnod@yahoo.com Fergus O'

    Doherty.. (757)525-1658 Virginia Beach (facebook) I am going to need all the advice I can find. Everyone of you who use this website are my heroes. Thank you


    Lincoln ( featured extra)

    Pioneers Turned Millionaires ( Henry J Heinz)

    Atlantis Down (sci-fi camera crew Red One)

    The Night Vampires went after The Pope (author)

    New Detectives (extra)

    The Bureau (extra)

    I would be very surprised if you have a 2709 in 2 perf, unless it was used as an optical printer at some point.

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  3. Hey guys,


    this is my first post here, so i hope i'm in the right category;)


    For a music video we're shooting a "kid's room". It isn't an actual kid's room, but we're designing the interior to look like it. The unfortunate thing is a BIG window. And behind this window is kind of a restaurant/lounge. We could move all the chairs and stuff, but you would see that there is just another room behind the window...

    So i figured we put up a big greenscreen which i already own, and later add the exterior. Maybe the outside of the window might actually be a picture of the universe, i know it sounds cheesy, but the video is kinda weird for itself and it would fit the album cover.

    But anyways, here is a picture of the room i'm talking about. Do you think a well lit greenscreen would to the trick? I'm a little scared of having a green spill on the window frame etc. I'm using Keylight in After Effects for the post production and i'm fairly experienced with chromakeying in post.




    Fyi we will almost exclusively do still shots so there will be no need for camera tracking.

    I hope i could be as clearly as possible!




    Best, Karl


    EDIT: For the final video we have to shoot daytime and nightime scenes in this room!

    It's quite doable, you can even see it's through a window if thats what you want. 20 years ago with an optical printer we could lift waster & smoke from a blue screen. With all this new tech, people stat getting worried :D

  4. You are very pro unions, can you tell me if you had a full crew for your stock footage shooting? I suspect you just shot on your own or with 1 assistant as you could get away with it :D

    You complain about the union but the union is you. There was an AGM of the camera branch in London a few days ago. Did you go? Did you propose any resolutions for the annual conference ?


    Did you propose anyone to stand for the president, or a representative of the camera branch to the National Executive Committee of the union?


    This is democracy, it is the only organisation that is there to hear your voice. You prefer to write here where it will change little.


    The Union did have a closed shop, it made it difficult to become a member, i had to get a job as an engineer and wait two years to move into the camera branch. When I did I earned a good wage with great working conditions. That was destroyed by Thatcher and wages and conditions have been falling ever since.


    The door maybe made of light wood but it is a matter of its velocity. Fire paper from a gun and it will kill you. If that door had hit the actress she may have been killed. That is why the producers are taking the video down as soon as it pops up.

  5. Hello everyone!


    I've done quite some research about the different Aaton LTR 54s, but still I would love to hear your thoughts about this particular one and it's associated price.


    I'm about to buy an Aaton LTR 54 (#897). So it's an early LTR 54 which was converted from 16mm to Super 16. It features 32fps Top Speed, Mechanical Drive for Mags, Optional Light Meter, Optional Relay optics for VR 30 tube tap.


    It was owned by a professional director of photography and comes with a few accessories. In 2010 it was serviced for the last time so I'm expecting to have it serviced again quite soon. The price for the complete kit is $3000.


    My questions are:


    (1) I'm a young director/filmmaker. Like many of us, almost all of my jobs are done using digital cameras. However, from time to time I am doing more personal projects (shorts, docs) and I'd love to have a S16 camera to experiment. E.g. I'm not planning to use the camera on any paid jobs. However, I don't have anything planned as of yet. Now would you rather wait and only buy the camera once I have a project or would you seriously consider buying it right now since the price makes it quite attractive.


    (2) Any names/houses that offer to service the camera in EUROPE?


    Thanks a lot for your help,



    When was the last major service? It could cost as much as the camera.......

  6. Clearly TeleFilm is a massive failure and needs to be immediately shut-down. This is a 130 million dollar a year boon-dogle that could not produce a watchable or marketable movie if they tried. 2%? Pathetic.


    "Hollywood tentpoles grabbed 93% of screen time in Canadian theaters last year, against a 2% share for Canadian movies, including Quebec fare, according to Zoom Services."






    Max says their output is very good :D, where is he now?


    Um, just a helpful hint.....if you want to ever get hired to shoot any American productions, I would suggest you not mention your pro-communist leanings. Might not go over too well in the interview, if ya get my drift.



    This is such a brilliant thread I would pin it if it was in the General forum where I have mod privileges. This really is the thread of 2013, very happy Max joined the forum

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  8. Hi,

    I am on the lookout for a Cooke 20-100 in Europe.

    Preferably with a PL mount and a lens collar/support.

    Even better if it is in good shape and/or has been serviced recently.


    Purchase by Paypal only.

    I am located in Paris, France.


    Please email me at:




    I have one that got fully serviced in the UK & has not been used since other than tested. I am not sure of current market value, send me a PM if you want to go further.


    It's currently in Zurich but could be sent from France.

  9. Whereas, what, you're rich and don't have any sense of responsibility to anyone else?

    I guess he pays his taxes & pays his crew, thats a good start as the higher his profit, the higher percentage gets given to the government to help pay for the poor people who don't pay anything.


    If everyone was poor, the poor would be very much worse off.


    I agree with you 100%, and I would do the same. George Lucas did this for people on Star Wars, even though he had no contractual obligation to do so. Nothing would make me happier than to give every crew member, regardless of position, an additional $5,000.00 or $10,000.00. Because that would mean the movie would of made a lot of money. Which is a positive.



    You mean all the crew members except Max, his 5-10k will go to a charity for the poor :D


    I think Max and Phil have answered this one for us.


    Producer = Bad

    Intern = Good.



    I would have thought if a producer gave an intern a chance it was good for the intern to get some experience.

    It worked like that in the late 1970's in London, which is how I started in the business.

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  12. I'm picturing a landscape from Children of Men.




    But seriously... I feel like wealth, inherited wealth or any other advantage can be used for good or evil. Lots of wealthy people use their money to do really good things that benefit society.


    Perhaps we need an International Intern Fund.


    OK. Walking away...


    And a DOP's fund, to be fair to everyone we need a Producers fund :D running away



    No, and that's arguably fine to a point - this, as I've said, is a matter of degree. As Mr Beverly put it, it becomes abusive when one person is being paid dozens or hundreds of times more, per hour, than someone else.




    The producer is not earning anything per hour for 3 years, if they then make a huge profit you cannot possibly pretend they had any idea how much they could draw out of the bank to live on. It's a 3 year investment that paid off.


    What about people who mined bit coins ? Someone even bought a 2 pizza's for 10,000 bit coins a couple of years ago, if the person held onto those bit coins is he suddenly abusive ?

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