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  1. I have looked at some old manuels and can add the following to my previous post:- A 1946 US army manuel states:- The GC had a turret with 4 lenses. 3 of the lenses were fixexd by 4 screws. The 4th interchangeable lens was fixed by a key latch and some set screws. The lenses available were 25,35,40,50,75,100,152,250,375 A 1967 Mitchell manuel for S35R states:- A single R8 mount and the following Super Balitar Lenses:- 20,25,35,50,75,100,152 plus the 25-250 Argeniuex zoom. Stephen Williams DoP Zurich Switzerland www.stephenw.com
  2. I have used a 75mm that is very yellow to look at! Apparantly the glass had some sort of long term radio active decay, I think all 75's are effected. The series II were made in the 1930's, the series III from the 1950's. However they make beautiful pictures! Stephen Williams Lighting Cameraman www.stephenw.com
  3. The MKII and S35R have been used in Blimps. They are now usually used for stop frame animation, Time lapse or as VFX cameras as they are rock steady at 120 fps. Many are found on motion control rigs with BNCR or Panavision lens mounts. The GC (Goverment Camera) is the High Speed version of the Standard camera. Many of these cameras have been converted by Fries Engineering www.frieseng.com to R35's with a beam splitter or 35R3's with spinning mirror. The R35's can have virtually any mount (Nikon, Cannon, Leica , BNCR, Panavision) Accadamy or S35 Centered, but not PL. The 35R3 accepts PL lenses but has the focal plane shutter removed. (it cant be used for animation.) These cameras have been the camera of choice for VFX and motion control for the last 25 years before the Arri 435 came along. Many Visual effects films such as Star Wars , 5th Element, Titanic, Dante's Peek relied on these cameras. Stephen Williams Cameraman www.stephenw.com (35R3 owner. My camera was used by Digital Domain on Titanic & Dante's Peek!)
  4. Hi there, If you know anybody with a Sony mini DV camera it may work. I have done this without problems many times (With PAL), The facility house's always tell me it won't work however. Stephen Williams Lighting Cameraman www.stephenw.com
  5. Stephen Williams

    Dumb HD Question

    [is HD, HD, all over the world? Or is there NTSC HD and PAL HD? If there is a difference what are they? The new HDV format, is that universal? Or PAL and NTSC specific? Thanks Frank <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Greetings, NTSC HD is 30p or 60i PAL HD is 25p or 50i The new HDV is region specific. Stephen Williams DoP
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