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  1. Pictorvision has developed a 6 Red Epic array for shooting very high-resolution Aerial VFX plate shots. It shot a major film (that of course we can't talk about) over a months time and worked even better than we hoped. Now we're showing it for the first time publicly at an open house / demo next Wednesday Oct 30th from 1-6 PM. The official invite and sign in can be found at: http://pictorvision.givezooks.com/ev...-demonstration Key Specs: 6 Red Epics shooting 5K resolution- 3 Epics across x 2 Red Epics high = 15K camera resolution (12K resolution when overlap is accounted for) Total resolution is 82 Megapixels 46 Megapixel panoramic images when stitched Field of view: 140 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical Overlap is 1650 pixels horizontal and 530 pixels vertical. Once again Pictorvision is going above and beyond....
  2. Miguel, Productions have been putting the RED in our Wescam gyro stabilized systems with great results. It's a little more expensive than trying to go hand held, but you'll end up with significantly more usable footage. Most people find that because they can get their shots the first time, they end up using less helicopter time. Since the helicopter is the big expense, in the end they spend less overall. The 10:1 lens is pretty standard, and we can supply one as well as the RED camera if needed. Best of luck on your shoot. Tom Hallman Pictorvision 818-785-9282
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