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  1. 30Th Anniversary of THE KEEP Please visit and support https://www.facebook.com/wwiifairytale?fref=ts Rare Backstage and Interview http://youtu.be/MBKD9MvhE4A
  2. Dear Sirs I'm writing a short article for the next Torino Film Festival,referring to the New Hollywood retrospective 1967/1976 ,so for write something of less flat or boring, in that era are there any common influences in the way to use light,lenses and film stocks(the retrospective will focusing on Five Easy Pieces,Mean Streets,Pat Garret and Bil ly the Kid,Klute,TheConversation,Sugarland Express,California Split ,They Shoot Horses,Don't They?,Scarecrow,TheLast Picture Show etc., to less known films like Electra Glide in Blue,Dillinger,Little Murders,The Swimmer,The Friends of Eddie Coyle,Smile,Monte Walsh, Inserts,The Culpepper Cattle Co.Cisco Pike) I really appreciate any help you can provide.
  3. http://fabiopirovano.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/tactile-cinema/
  4. Quite impossible... First Five all by Dante Spinotti A.S.C A.I.C Then Halloween by Dean Cundey A.S.C. Shining by John Alcott B.S.C. Excalibur by Alex Thomson B.S.C The Cell Paul Laufer Memoirs of a Geisha by Dion Beebe A.S.C A.C.S
  5. Ok,my first movie by Michael Mann watched was THE KEEP (Alex Thomson BSC),great amazing,and I don't care about critics bad opinions that I discovered in years later,It was my master for Cinematography and Direction,a miliar stone.Ok,I was young,not yet fluent in cinema as now (and AC Subscriber) but that movie enlighted my eye(anamorphic addicted) & my mind.Than comes Thief( Donald Thorin ASC) and Manhunter(Dante Spinotti),unluckly I grew up on VHS era with Pan and Scan copies and other craps,as 4:3 crt tv-set..despite these limitations I was able to believe in this director and his skills and collaborations..so I bet and Wish Everything(of great) over him,I was right ,in fact later comes masterpieces as Last Of The Mohicans(Dante Spinotti),Heat(Dante Spinotti AIC ASC),The Insider(Dante Spinotti AIC ASC),Ali (Emmanuel Lubezki AMC ASC),Collateral(Dion Beebe, ASC ACS and Paul Cameron),Miami Vice(Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS) and Public Enemies(Dante Spinotti ASC) So,I'm feel on the same page over everything he does so..after years I was lucky to meet him personally..shake hands and this is my video..enjoy!
  6. Hello Cinematographers, I love your world!

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZOeAiBRZbs Amazing remarkable job over night scenes if we think that they used film and anamorphic lenses..Quite intresting how in these days HDEF could skipped the lighting's work...
  8. For me There are 5 remarkable British Cinematograpeher that has leave a "sign" in my eye Frank Watts BSC (he made SPACE 1999 series in the 70's) Alex Thomson BSC (Excalibur,The Keep,Year of the Dragon,Hamlet) Adrial Biddle BSC (Aliens,Event Horizon) Chris Menges BSC (Mission,Dirty Pretty Things) Roger Deakins BSC (Shawshank Redemption)
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