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  1. Hi Richard, I had a look around work today, in a forgotten cupboard and found a few things you might be interested in. Several boxes of parts for model C printers. Some of the parts looked old and stripped down, as we had replaced a lot of older components with newer versions etc. but there may be hard to find things you need. A bunch of different tape readers. Another tape reader and take up motor. 2 facit tape punchers that you mentioned not having. Unsure if they work or not. Also, read the box for part names. 2 lamp power supplies, a sound lamp power supply and another tape reader. More bits 'n pieces. The sad thing is, everything is being thrown out. In. The. Rubbish! If you want anything, let me know ASAP and I'll see what I can do. I could also open boxes and take pictures and give better descriptions of parts you may want. Here is a picture of what just happened with our 2 Black and White processing machines today. To the scrap man. A sad day indeed. Cheers, Chris.
  2. Hi Richard. Brian is right, you need the film break rollers held in to simulate film being threaded through the printer. There are micro switches behind the swinging rollers after film passes through the gate. There is also a micro switch on the film gate itself, which will cause the printer not to run. I think you also need to have a lamp in the printer with it on before anything happens, though this could be negated if your switch the machine to override. You also need to have a tape loaded into the fcc reader to operate, unless you switch the machine to 'Override'. Depending on the exact printer you have, the override switch could be on the top of the vane housing or around the back on top of the box where all the cables plug in. You wont be able to adjust the vanes without the tape, though you can open and close them to see if they work. I'm assuming your tape reader looks like this and everything is plugged in where it should be. To open your vanes, go to the top left series of buttons, push the left hand button 'PRT RST', then the right hand button 'FCC RST', then hold down the middle button 'CUE' you should hear the vanes click twice, half open, then fully open. Let me know if anything hapens. I'll have a look around and see if I have any old service manuals I could send you. It would also be a good idea to see some pictures, front and back, just to be sure what we are dealing with here. Cheers, Chris.
  3. Great news! http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/8851876/Lab-deal-gives-rare-Kiwi-films-new-life Topic started here. http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=60171
  4. Great news for film enthusiasts in Australiasia! Archives New Zealand has reached a deal with Park Road Post Production to take ownership of all film laboratory equipment and set up a new film processing laboratory here in Wellington, New Zealand! This has been approved by the NZ government and is to serve Archives in finishing all their restoration needs in the coming years, but also to provide processing for public use. The Archives are taking the ECN and both B+W Neg and Pos machines (No ECP), a number of printers, cleaners etc. This will be a full service laboratory, employing most of the same people from Park Road. Slated to open around the end of October/start of December 2013. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to try and answer. Cheers, Chris. http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/8851876/Lab-deal-gives-rare-Kiwi-films-new-life
  5. Hi guys, Here is a little news article they shot around our Lab the other day about the closure. http://www.3news.co.nz/End-of-the-line-for-Park-Road-Post/tabid/418/articleID/292305/Default.aspx Everyone here has tried coming up with solutions to how we can keep the lab going, from downsizing staff, to limiting services, but the revenue we needed to meet is unrealistic. The funny thing is lately it has been extremely busy, we've been processing rushes on several commercials and short films, we have a large run of release prints coming up for a NZ film and since the Deluxe Australia annoucement, we've had a bunch of calls from people in Australia interested in some last minute runs. Archives NZ, our biggest client, has been steady with work and is infact in talks to buy our equipment (and take some of the staff) to set up there own facility somewhere. This would be a best case senario, but I personally can't see it happening as it is a massive undertaking to set up a new lab. They would only take our ECN and Black and White Pos machines I think, so there is a slight chance you could still get Neg developed in NZ... Anyway, I will let everyone know what happens when I find out, in between job hunting that is!
  6. Hi Paul, Sorry for the slow reply, I don't check here very often. I'm from Park Road Post Productions. head to http://www.parkroadpost.co.nz/ for any info you may need. Cheers, Chris.
  7. Hi there. We have been looking into the possibility of cheaper flights or even subsidies for shipping film to us here in Wellington to process for the Australian market. We plan on being around for a while yet! Cheers.
  8. Just talked to our Fuji rep and he has been told production will cease in March 2013. Plus they have raised prices by 35% immediately.
  9. Hello, I have found that the quality of a Cinevator print is really quite good. It is pretty much comparable to a print made from and Dupe Neg (Digital neg>Inter Pos>Dupe Neg>Print) in terms of grain etc. I know special effects artists tend to prefer Cinevator prints to Digital projection because you get a nice, natural motion blur and filmic quality that doesn't show the finest details/flaws. I thought the Cinevator was an excellent machine and as said before, perfect for small run prints or very high quality Digital Negs.
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