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  1. In terms of this effect I just meant that I knew Reed said she wanted the focus to really fall off dramatically and used Dipoters for these type shots in the film, I just haven't played around with them much and was wondering if you could tell what type or strength just from this image but that makes sense thanks David. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey everyone I was just wondering what your thoughts were as to what type of diopters or filters were used to achieve this effect that Reed Morano got in Meadowland. I'm looking for a similar look for an upcoming shoot so any advice would be great. I know she shot anamorphic but I also know that she did use a filter for this shot also. Many thanks!
  3. Panavision made a Primo to Canon lens mount that was made for the preview system which has since been made redundant, but they still have a few of these mounts around the place if anybody is in need of them. It does work on the 5dmkII as I have tried it. Not very practical though! Ha.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to say thank you all very much for your help and advice. We shot last week and it all worked out ok! it was madness but ok. Ha. Thanks again for your help! Joel
  5. I was lucky enough to have Anthony come into my film school here in Australia about a month ago and spend the day with us. I have to say that I was a fan of his before but after spending the day with him, he just blew me away! Such a brilliant and lovely guy. I really liked Slumdog but it probably wasn't my top choice for the oscar, But after having him explain how he shot it and go through the film after a screening explaining all the technical processes he went through to accomplish it I think he was more than worthy of winning! He also spoke about the shooting the last king of scotland and the challenges of exposure on that film. Having to shoot a character who is the whitest of white and the other who is the blackest of black in the same scene and getting a great looking finished product is a pretty skilled DP in my eyes. Cant wait to see his next film!!
  6. Yeah, all the help on this board has been amazing, thanks everybody for that!! This film has definitely has been a learning experience for me, I have never been left to do an entire shotlist for a film before, let alone for a 30+ page dialogue heavy film with 6 actors all over the place, But the director is still learning as am I so I guess I will chalk it up to expierence. Not to take anything away from the director, he has been great with the actors so hopefully my shotlist will be what he wants! But again cheers for all the advice!!
  7. Im the DP of the film. It's just a challenge because there is about 35 pages worth of people in a room and all over the apartment so it's tough to figure out. But it's taking shape. The director has mainly done theatre before so as far as coverage goes it's pretty much up to me.
  8. Hi all, Im shooting a film in a couple of weeks and there are a few scenes where there are multiple people talking to each other One scene is in a hallway outside an apartment and There is quite a bit of movement between the 5 actors including people arriving at different times and kissing each other hello, so its not just a basic 5 person setup with just 5 o.t.s shots or something. Later in the film there is also a scene where they are all spread out in an apartments living room all talking to each other. So basically my question is what is the best way of shooting a scene and staying on the good side of the line and keeping eye lines in check when there are so many going all over the place? Ive never had to shoot a scene with this many people in mind and it is quite confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance. Joel
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