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  1. There are already devices out there that allow you to sit in a chair and make those shots and not have to hold the camera... There is a few of them... Rickshaw, Action Dolly, Golf Carts with a piece of speed rail running across the braces, Segways, and ATV's your not inventing something new... Plus you still havent showed us the device...
  2. still pretty shaky... your rig or maybe just you can't hold the horizon...
  3. From what I saw there is no timecode as well... I understand that they want to keep it small and cheap but why make an expansion connection that I can add all those "pro" features (ie xlr audio inputs, timecode, usb connection for a mini bluetooth keyboard for metadata input, etc) I think that would make this a "real" camera that totally usable in the field with multi able cameras... Just a thought.
  4. Richard are you calling people that live in Louisiana job stealers? And Pat do you live in Louisiana? Do see what the film industry has done for the area?
  5. I am looking to put together a DIT cart. So far this is the list of what I have to put on it DURHAM Steel Cart Mfr. Model # PSD-2436-3-2D-95 Sonnet QIO-E34 Universal Media Reader/Writer Red Sation Base Red 1.8"Drive Reader x2 Bella Final Cut Keyboard M Audo Desktop Monitors Sony Headphones APC Battery Backup Ventec eSATA Card Ultra USB 3.0 Card Reader Voyager Q drive docking Sation AOC 24"Monitor Panar Dual Monitor Stand Bluelounge cable clips HP all in one printer MAC PRO Blackmagic Ultra Scopes HDI-SDI switcher for for scopes and monitor Let me know what you think about it and what do you have on your cart. Thanks...
  6. Does anyone know that wiring assignment of these litepanels products? Connector size and wiring assignment for litepanels micro, mini and ringlight
  7. I guess I should have said that I wanted to make block batteries... So I would love to use Lead Acid Cells. I would also like to a battery meter inline that you can see.
  8. I was thinking of making my on camera batteries??
  9. I am looking to make some "pre-made" tape labels for DVCpro-50 tapes, MiniDV tapes, Beta / HDCAM, or whatever other tapes are out there. What are people using for these? When I was an assistant I used those avery labels but forgot / lost the numbers of the label patterns. Does anyone have them??? Easier then the stock labels that come in the tape. Thanks.....
  10. That seems pretty hard to tread Can you do it in the bag or the dark room?
  11. Are you selling the bags filled?
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