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  1. Thanks but back to the original question. How much can I really get on there? I know it's more than 110 feet. How much to the edge of the reel? Guess no one really knows?
  2. Thanks Guys for the replys I am winding the film on myself so I know I have to load it in total darkness(no wobble). They should have 110 on them from the factory. There is a lot of space left. Wow 220'? How thin in that gigabit film Simon? I know I've got more than 110' so I guess it's not safe???
  3. Yes I know it's a 100' spool. I just want to know the actual amount that can be wound onto the spool when it's completely full. Seems I'm getting a lot more than 100' on it.
  4. Hey Rolando Give us some more pics and/or details on how you did this.
  5. Thanks Jay Yes looks like they would do a very thorough job and priced mid way. Thanks again Dennis
  6. Hello I have a reflex bolex and I spend a lot of time trying to get the focus correct. It's one of the early ones so the viewfinder is quite dim when stopped down even a little. Maybe with the non reflex cameras people get more shooting done and worry less about getting focus absolutely correct.
  7. That would be nice, but no I'm not saying that Karl. $495 is probably a good price for complete disassembly and CLA. $225 is a good price for low tier CLA only. Please
  8. I agree 100% Simon. We all need to do all we can to keep filming with actual (film) within reasonable reach. Thanks Dennis
  9. Tim how much do you charge for the light overhaul?
  10. Hi Fran Yes the guy I talked to(not sure if it was Dieter) there did explain the procedure. Essentially completely disassembling the camera, running it through a ultrasonic cleaner, then re lubrication and adjustment. I suppose he would collimate lenses also. Yes I also got a quote from Bernie. His quote was less than half and from what I've read about him he is pretty through. I don't think he would do the "spray lube thing". So what's the diff here? I don't get it. Dennis
  11. Wow, 10,000 feet? And that was all mag stripe? Can you put the pressure plate on a scanner? I would love to see it. Thanks
  12. Thanks Jean-Louis Can you get new pressure plates? If so how much do they cost? Are there other areas in the camera that will have increased wear because of mag stripe?
  13. Thanks Dave. Yes I would suspect it would accelerate the wear. After seeing what audio tape can do to audio heads. What's wrong with hypothetical's. Isn't everyone here to learn?
  14. I plan on using some. Just want to know how abrasive it is to the pressure plate. Do you know what metal the plate is made of?
  15. Hi Brian Thanks for the reply. So you don't think that the mag stripe would be too abrasive? I've had the pressure plate out and looked it over. It really looks nice considering the age of the camera. 60's I think. Not sure of the metal in the plate. Wonder if it's anodized aluminum or steel? Well since mag stripe was discontinued quite a while ago I should think that most of this film is probably fairly old. This is a VNF1 film so it's probably newer than some.
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