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  1. Hey John - this is amazing. Thank you so very much!
  2. So I'm shooting a short on the RED. With a budget/schedule that isn't going to allow us time/money for tests - which makes me awfully nervous. Looking for general and trouble shooting advice for a first time user. My AC is familiar with the set up and workflow of the camera, but from a creative angle I'm trying to research some obvious pitfalls. So a few general questions... What is the best set up to allow me the most versatility in post re: color correction? Looking to shoot some sequences at 60fps - Ive read this can only be done in 2k - though someone has mentioned the option of 3k - haven't heard much about this - any advice? We'll be working with shift tilt lenses in a certain sequence meant to replicate heaven - aiming for diving-bell-type gauzy whites, searching focus, and blooming highlights - how much of this should we aim to be achieving in camera rather than setting a look in post? IR filter? half the film is daylight exteriors - do i need one? thanks so much for your help, cheers, cv
  3. Hey Saul, thanks. yes. Finishing to HD. Rather stay away from to much ND. Any thoughts on how to rate the 7205 - rather do i need to overexpose a little or is the grain structure already pretty smooth?
  4. Hey all - shooting a short in a few weeks, with no time or budget to test stocks. Shooting mostly exterior days, mostly available light, mostly woods, farmland, and a run down movie theater exterior. looking for medium tight grain, medium to high contrast but dont wan the colors to pop. Director's influenced alot by the Dardenne brothers. any thoughts on an ideal stock and what to rate it at? Been shooting mostly Hi-def lately and could use some advice. thanks, cv
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