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    Own: Canon 5D w/ ZE lenses, Redrock remote follow focus. Use: Alexa, F55, C300, Arricam, Scarlet
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    Features, Episodic TV, Short Films, music videos, promos

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  1. Hi Nolan and Drew! I was just doing a search on the internet and it brought me to my own old (3 yr old) post, which I had forgotten about and now see that Nolan and Drew both replied. In case anyone else finds themselves reading this old post... I bought a set of ZE lenses back in 2010 for a feature. I'm very happy with the glass.
  2. Since the CP.2 lenses and the ZE still lenses supposedly use the same glass, does that mean you can mix and match these lenses? Has anyone tested them for differences or similarities in color and contrast?
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