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  1. First, sorry for my bad English! Ich will present my new Parkour-Advertisment. with Making-Of. Filmed with Panasonic HPX500 (first Camera) and HVX 200 (second Camera). Making Of - Camera i do myself, with the Canon XHA1. I've cuttet the Making-Of on AVID. The Advertisment has cuttet the Regisseur (on AVID), the Finishing (Colorcorrection etc.) i have done. The Advertisment was recorded to 35mm Film and brought to an Region of Cinemas in South Germany. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_L6ROybbtU Sorry, the making of has German Language. But (i think) its interesting an you could see how we make the "Look and the work" of the Advertisment. Critice, Statements and Submits are always welcome !
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