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  1. I was curious if anyone out there has any suggestions as to where I could find some tips and or techniques on shooting better looking aerial HD video. I shoot mostly news footage for a few local stations, but occasionally I shoot some promotional and long-form production video, and I want to try to improve the overall look of the video. I really haven't ventured into the set-up menu for the camera, as I don't want to go into "Uncharted Waters" with this camera package, as I always need to have it ready for news situations. I would like some tips for bringing out more color / contrast, as well as some tips on creating a "Film Look" for the video. Here are the particulars on the system I am using: Sony HDC 1500R Camera Fujinon A42x13.5 BERD-F Lens Sony RM-B750 Camera Remote Control Unit FLIR UltraMedia HD Gyro-Stabilization System I hope I am even posting this in the correct forum... My background is in ENG (Electronic News Gathering), however, I am trying to build my skills in aerial work, so, any suggestions here will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ken
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