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  1. Western genre montage of my DP work on the HBO Asia series Grisse, unfortunately, it's only in 720 un
  2. Hi Guys this is my latest reel, the footage is originated on Alexa and Epic cameras. Wade Muller HKSC Based in Asia, working worldwide. www.wademullerdp.com
  3. Let me know if you need any help in Asia , shoot for Nat Geo regularly. www.redfilmsasia.com
  4. Thanks Jesus i managed to make this better quality download http://homepage.mac.com/wademuller/FileSharing1.html
  5. Ok they were done shooting 4-5 fps then in post the speed was reduced 20-25% to look normal speed with the motion blur
  6. Thanks Jake tried what you said on FCP , looks great will upload it soon Hi morgan that effect is done in camera by shooting at a slow frame rate i think that shot was 5 fps
  7. Hi Jake thanks for your feedback , i am very new to posting video on the web how is the best way to do this for best quality viewing ? you tube , i mac or just upload to my webside ? what type of compression do you recommend ?
  8. Just finnished this short recently http://www.myspace.com/105058870
  9. You can raise the VF Detail in the operator menu try +65
  10. I Met him just a couple of weeks ago at his wrap party in Bangkok was a fun night , cool guy !
  11. Wade Muller

    Cinealta 25P

    Thanks for your input guys , yes our initial output will be 25 and 24 after.
  12. I Have a (Thomson Badged) DNV-5 Betacam SX dockable recorder with adapter to Dock to Sony 637,D30,D35 and D50 camera heads has only been used a few time am upgading to DigiBeta asking US$9500.00 Excellent condition !!!
  13. Wade Muller

    Cinealta 25P

    Hi i am about to start shooting a feature in Hong Kong next month we will shoot at 25P and post will also be done in Hong Kong at 25P do you see any problems we will have doing a film out in the US for Theatrical release ???
  14. Hi Rob my name is Wade i am also based in Bangkok , just curious where you rented the VariCam from ? , I work out of infocusasia most of the time feel free to drop in and say hi when your free.
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