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  1. Hey Rafael - Query on macro with the Beaulieu 4008zm schneider. To engage the macro, is the little button pushed in toward the body, or is it pushed away from the body? I couldn't find this in any of the documentation for my camera. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hey board ... does anyone know what cameras/film stocks Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills used on Stylemasters 2. It's a Super 8 gem shot on a sound camera back in 80/81. The image quality is quite remarkable, and mark a big improvement over the original Stylemasters. Here's my full review of the film: http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010/5/20/surf-film-review-stylemasters-2-overthought.html
  3. I totally get that. ... Gotta siphon from the camera equipment slush fund for the next filter. And the next batch of film stock... And ...
  4. Hey board ... just watched Stylemasters, a Super 8 film documenting the surf scene on the North Shore back in the late 70s. Lots of juicy footage here. Here's the full review: http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010/5/18/surf-film-review-stylemasters-sets-bar.html
  5. Hey board ... the final reel of three burned (not to put too fine a point on it) at Rincon, testing all settings on my Beaulieu 4008ZM4. Didn't have a polarizing filter to fit the 300 Canon TV lens, nor a No. 85 filter to compensate for the Ekta. C'est la vie. The reel, for what it's worth, is here: http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010/5/12/super-8-surf-cinematography-last-rincon-reel.html If anyone has any comments on the clarity of the 300 lens, I'd appreciate it. Anyone see any inherent flaws in the lens? Thanks again...
  6. Called two of their stores: Santa Barbara and LA Fairfax. Talked to film desks. No one there was aware of the switch to 100D. No one aware that 64T is being discontinued. When asked if they planned to replace 64T, they didn't have a clue and showed no interest in pursuing the matter. Weird.
  7. Here's another reel shot at Rincon in California. This time with a 102mm Canon lens. Didn't have an 85 filter to correct light balance, nor a polarizer to cut glare. Oddly, these don't seem much worse than the stuff shot with the polarizer and the internal filter on the Beaulieu 4008zm. Which probably points to user error in the earlier stuff. Can't wait to run some more appropriate film stocks through the Beaulieu. Gonna try the 100D next weekend. http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010...-at-rincon.html
  8. Not a worry! No mods on the camera. The vignetting is an imperfection I will chalk up to "charm." Thanks for the critique tho. Appreciate the sharp eyes.
  9. Hey board - Here's a reel shot at Rincon with the Beaulieu 4008ZM4 using Ektachrome 64T. I ran the camera through every setting I could think of, and you will see in the video notations with each take indicating what I had the camera doing. I post this mostly so other newbies can see the results of tweaking the settings as they watch the reel play. Enjoy ... http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010...rom-a-to-b.html
  10. Ah Andries - 16mm is way outta my price range. Luckily with the Beaulieu I can step up lens power. I have an HV30 with a Del Mar housing that I'm using for water shots. The film I'm putting together ultimately will only use the Super 8 for backstory, lead in, and the ending. The rest is HD video. Cheers.
  11. Ian ... that's me on the mat. Watching the film is a killer way to learn, eh? Normally I grab both front corners of the mat and squeeze/release to control speed and rocker. Are you saying I need to move my hand that's closest to the face back on the mat's rail somewhere? I know for sure that I'm doing too much drop down the face before turning. An immediate corner into the face upon takeoff, then a stall, I think will but me where I need to be. Cheers dude.
  12. Thanks guys. I can't wait to take this stuff apart piece by piece. I shot three rolls at Rincon Point Saturday, carefully marking settings on the camera, moving through different apertures etc. I'll be able to correlate those readings with the results and it should be educational. The points you bring up are the next step after that. I yearn for the clearest Super 8 I can achieve. Such a beautiful look. I think it's going to be a long-term project. Thanks a million. You guys are great.
  13. I'm shooting a Super 8 surfing film with a Beaulieu 4008ZM, and I've got about 12 reels back from Yale. I've created shorts of a few of them with iMovie and posted them on my blog, www.spatoutinglory.com. I'm a novice who would really welcome any critiques the group here can offer. The footage has some serious flaws, and to the extent problems can be diagnosed, I'd appreciate tips to make my imagery sharper with better color. Thanks for your help! Here's an entry with some body surfing and mat surfing... http://www.spatoutinglory.com/entries/2010...ody-whomps.html Thanks again
  14. I have a Super 8-ish blog ... www.spatoutinglory.com ... It documents the making of a Super 8/HD video surfing film. would appreciate any input from Super 8 pros. I'm just a beginner. Thanks all.
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