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  1. Hi all my name is Luke and just started on this site in the past few days. I am about to start shooting a doc on homelessness, I intended to shoot on my recently acquired canon 1014 XL-s. I'll be shooting a mix of stocks tri-x, plus-x, ektachrome and the new Kodak vision 3 500t, just wanted to see if anyone could tell me of their experiences with one or all of these stocks? Also as the 500t is tungsten balanced, I was wondering if it is possible to correct with a photography 85 filter for daylight shooting, as I have heard that the 85 built into the canon 1014 XL-s is not totally reliable? Another question is it worth doing a grayscale at the start of each 8mm cartridge? I realize that was more then one question, that's me in a nut shell.. cheers Luke
  2. Thanks for the post Kurt, I did like you said and contacted Andrew Alden and he dose sell the part but doesn't have it in often. I'm half thinking I'd be better off selling and buying the next model up, the Bolex rex 1 or 2, don't know is if there is a significant difference in terms of end footage. Problem is that no one seems to sell this part as it was not standard issue, I found a company in Canada that sells the viewfinder but I am unclear as to how it is attached. The Viewfinder is the eye level focuser, and as I understand it was an upgrade for the Bolex h-16 non reflex, that allows for through the lens focusing, but the people in Canada have me a little confused. If any one can help me understand I would be very grateful; Email 1). "A used eyelevel focusing viewfinder is in stock, priced at $95.00, which includes the required replacement viewing tube for the front of the camera body" Email 2). "Focusing would be done by switching the shooting lens to the upper turret (front prism) position, focusing the lens, then returning it to the filmgate position for shooting. An alignment of the finder will be necessary to adjust it to the front prism framing, which can be done by removing the front finder cap and adjusting the internal set screws with a jeweller's screwdriver. Also, the finder will require the two chrome button mounting brackets on top of the camera body, not the slide-in shoe type.." So what I want to know is; 1. is this a decent price? 2. Can I fit this myself? 3. When he says that that you switch turret position to focus, then switch back to the filmgate position for shooting is that standard for all of the earily bolexs? and Kurt I am no good at spelling either so can't helpz.. cheers Luke
  3. Hi, I recently bought a Bolex H-16 for my girlfriends birthday, she is just graduated as a cinematographer from IADT the national film school in Ireland. I got the bolex H-16 Non reflex from Ebay in the USA, in the sale details it said that it included a viewfinder, this was not really true as the camera came with with viewfinder that a attaches to the side door. I have since done a little research and found that this model of 16mm bolex dose not have a viewfinder in what is now the normal sense, one that allows for through the lens focusing. Instead it seems that an auxiliary viewfinder could be purchased that would allow through the lens focusing. But here is my problem I can't find this auxiliary viewfinder on ebay or any where else that I have looked, so what I want to ask is if there is anyone on out there that knows of someone who sales this part or any shop or company that might offer an alternative? or should I just resell the camera and get another? Cheers for the help Luke
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