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  1. Hi, I am a student doing a short film final project. So i dont have much of a budget to speak of... but i was hoping that someone may be able to give me some ideas on lighting my scene. The film is mostly going to be shot in one location, with two actors playing the part of young gang members playing russian roulette. It takes place in a wareouse at midnight. Now we have to shoot this in a studio and so i need to create the feel of large room with moonlight from the skylights as the only light source. We were kind of hoping for a blade runner kind of look with strong beams of light from the lights on the ceiling with blue gels to replicate the moon coming through skylights. we have a smoke machine that we are able to use. the problem is that i am not the best at lighting and i dont know how to properly light the actors without ruining the shafts of light that we have coming down onto them. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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