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  1. Ain't a whole lot of women on that list....oooops. And how on earth does the Irishman have 20 producers!! Good grief what could each of them have possibly done? R,
  2. Let's shoot a movie together one day Bruce, I'm even going to drag Gregory Irwin along. 😀 R,
  3. Exactly, besides I just tell people, it's the correct two kids in every scene, so what are you complaining about? 🙂 R,
  4. One can see some of the hilarity in this situation though, the employee felt insulted by the gift from his employer, but again.....the employer owes him nothing anyway. When I worked at CTV the president's name was Doug Bassett, the Christmas turkey we were given every year was known as the Bassett Budgie. Then Ivan Fecan (pronounced Fitzan) took over, the turkey was then known as the Fitzan Pheasant. R,
  5. If only this guy was in a union, he'd still have his job: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/employee-who-got-6-bbq-sauce-as-holiday-gift-says-he-was-fired-for-angry-tweet-1.4752283?cid=sm%3Atrueanthem%3Actvregina%3Apost&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3qix7qqSqSDz1e8A_fYtAAlrzH3XlhEtnnk8NJH8Moc_hgBD_2kuuzkrk R,
  6. Ah so you worked non-union and you survived the process. Like so many others. 🙂 R,
  7. Ok thanks, but, I was actually asking Bruce. 🙂 As the projects he works on in Russia or Ukraine are not Hollywood originated projects. R,
  8. Bruce, when you shoot the movies in Ukraine or Russia, I forget the exact country. Does the producer sign an IA contract for you? And do your payments go through EP with US tax withholdings taken out? R,
  9. At the end of the day Phil everyone ultimately has the same option....employer treating you badly, QUIT the damn job and get a new one!!! Unless you are a slave, and some people are, no one is forcing you to work anywhere. In fact many people do get fed up with their employment and they find a new and better option. I've done it many times. Got so fed up with idiot employers I became my own employer, and now I have signed the pay cheques for literally hundreds of people! Bottom line is this, and the sooner people accept it the better off they'll be...an employer owes you nothing. They don't owe you job security, praise, or a happy life, etc. Drives me nuts all the people that sign up for a film shoot, they review and sign a deal memo which clearly states the rate of financial compensation, then they spend the next four weeks complaining about how little they are paid. If that's the case, why did you sign onto the project in the first place??????????? As for healthcare that's a mess that has been on-going in the USA for decades, every other industrialized country has a national health-care system. No idea how to solve the US mess? Fact is though, most non-union working Americans do have health insurance via their employers, so a union isn't a 100% necessity when it comes to obtaining health insurance. R,
  10. Well I have never been in a union, I was just an "employee" when I worked for others. In the advanced industrialized societies there are labour laws that protect workers whether they are union or not. Laws that prevent people like me from whipping the workers. 🙂 In any case, unions do have a lot of corruption in them, it's part of their DNA from the time they were started and this corruption will never be fully rooted out. R,
  11. Same problem in Canada with TeleFilm, same 10 people over and over again. Producer's in Canada jokingly call TeleFilm the "Atom Egoyan Fund," he has been financed so many times! R,
  12. I sent their management the link, to ensure that they know. I await their response...... R,
  13. Oh if any British members want to talk about the ridiculous BFI, feel free, as I also dealt with BFI on two projects as well. R,
  14. Oh believe me.....I have. Details to follow upon resolution. And TeleFilm reps are welcome to come on here and defend their policies. That "mandate" BTW is made up by TeleFilm employees, it's not at the behest of elected officials. R,
  15. But if Toronto TeleFilm hands all the money to Quebec, there will be zero dollars to make movies for the English language market which is 78% of Canada. Basically TeleFilm has two divisions, French and English. The French division centred in Montreal Quebec, which gets 50% of the total TeleFilm budget, even though Quebec makes up only 22% of the population. Which is an on-going problem in Canada, Quebec gets the lion's share of everything in order to bribe them into not leaving Canada. For instance they get 13 billion a year handed to them from English Canada as another way of bribing them into staying in Canada, but that's another story. My point is that....The Toronto office which mostly invests in English language films has done such a horrifically awful job of picking winners, that audiences stay away in droves. They invest in "art" movies, and then sit back and wonder why there is no audience. Their mandate is to promote Canadian culture, whatever that is? No one knows to be honest, Canada has no "culture" of it's own. And to invest in movies that generate a positive box office, something the movies they choose to invest in in English Canada clearly cannot do. They have had a mandate for a while now to not invest in projects being made by English speaking white males. If you're a white male and you live in Quebec and speak French, well you're fine. If you're a white male from Toronto, forget it. They'll tell you to run off to LA and join, Ivan Reitman, James Cameron, Norman Jewison, and all the other hugely successful white male Canadian directors in Hollywood. R,
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