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  1. I do find it hysterical that the US Oscars now resemble the Canadian version, the CSAs. People watch the CSAs and no one has ever heard of, or seen, any of the titles nominated for Best Picture. In the old days, the 1980s, when you watched the Oscars, everyone had heard of the films nominated in the Best Picture category. These days, so many of the films nominated in the Best Picture category at the Oscars are art house movies, unknown to the general public. Congratulations America, you have caught up to the cinema snobs living North of the border. R,
  2. I'm sure it was never intended to be. But that's still my view of what a "Best Picture" looks like. I have no idea when a Best Picture became a small scale drama driven by whatever oppressed group was the flavour of the month. R,
  3. Uh, ok, like I said, I'm a Philistine on this one, film criticism at this level is beyond me. You say it evoked,"Lawrence and Ghandi", Hmmmm, geeez, I missed that big time! R,
  4. Uh, ok, like I said, I'm a Philistine on this one, film criticism at this level is beyond me. You say it evoked,"Lawrence and Ghandi", Hmmmm, geeez, I missed that big time! R,
  5. I'm afraid I'm too much of a Philistine to understand this movie. Looked like a student film from NYU. I'm from a time when movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, Chariots of Fire, were "Best" Picture quality movies. I have no idea what happened? Then again I did not get Moonlight either, or how it could possibly be a "Best" Picture. R,
  6. Alfonso CuarĂ³n, may not be given an entry VISA to the US so he can pick up all his awards. R,
  7. And the academy has reversed course! They cited this thread as the number one reason why! R,
  8. I would really hope that a number of the "big" producers, directors, and actors, will speak out over this and boycott the show until their fellow artists and technicians are put back into the show. R,
  9. Where to begin with this one? I think Gregory hit the nail on the head above. The Oscars are a platform to attract an audience of women, so the advertisers can sell them soap (As Rupert Murdock once famously stated.) Women care about seeing women in glamorous gowns, and handsome male movie stars, that is what attracts them. The people nominated in the technical fields like, cinematography, are complete unknowns to the audience and *gasp* some of these guys are not even good looking, the nerve!! That's part 1 of the issue. Part 2 is the fact that the public has no clue what a cinematographer, editor, production designer, VFX artist does. Editor is the one that baffles them the most, heck many Hollywood film executives don't understand what an editor does. The public understands actors, they see those. And they kinda understand what a director or writer does. I will spare this thread my thoughts on this years, "diversity" awards. Or the fact that Hollywood celebrities now feel that award shows are their personal platform to spout off about their BS political views. (As if multi-millionaire celebrities are going to be affected by shifts in government policy.) I watched this years BAFTAs, two people decided to take a swipe at BREXIT during their acceptance speeches, such a joke. R,
  10. Good luck with that, this is not a group that is highly motivated to work. They are the entitled generation. R,
  11. Considering the success my age has brought Macks, I doubt I'll be home. I'll be out on my boat, or off on a cruise. The twenty and thirty some-things by contrast will taking transit to their dead end jobs. R,
  12. Here's how much I care about ageism, I'll be 51 on Feb 6th. Now what happens? R,
  13. I remember a Hollywood agent telling me....my client isn't ready to play a mother yet. Her client was 47 years old, LOL :blink: R,
  14. This is from the Wikipedia article on IMDB.com. Well age is certainly an issue for some people in this business. On January 1, 2017, the State of California implemented state bill AB-1687, a SAG-AFTRA-backed anti-ageism statute which requires "commercial online entertainment employment services" to honor requests by their subscribers for their ages and birthdays to be hidden.[51] On February 23, 2017, Judge Vince Girdhari Chhabria issued a stay on the bill pending a further trial, claiming that it possibly violated the First Amendment because it inhibited the public consumption of factual information. He also questioned the intent of the bill, as it was ostensibly meant to target IMDb.[52] By the beginning of 2017, IMDb had received more than 2,300 requests from individuals to remove their date of birth from the site. Included in this group were 10 Academy Award winners and another 71 nominated for Oscars, Emmys, or Golden Globes.[53]
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