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  1. I guess all I can say in parting is that you can all just sit, and wait for the end. R,
  2. Ok so what will the weather be like here in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada, on April 27th? So the stock market is completely erratic, but a virus is not? Ok, er um, got it. This thing could die out in the Northern Hemisphere with the onset of Summer, just as easily as it sprang up. Besides fire season is only two months away in LA, once that starts, Corona Virus is gonna get an ass kicking. 🙂 Incredible how many doom and gloomers there are on this forum. I am going about living my life, ignoring the hysterical screaming heads on the news media, also prepping a shoot for Sept 8th. If it goes it goes, if not, next year then I'm certainly not giving up and moving into an underground bunker like you all appear to be prepping for. This is a short term storm, that will pass over. R,
  3. At the very least someone has to offer a ray of hope. It's a hell of a lot better than the talking heads on the news who predict ever increasing doomsday scenarios. Not sure why you are so much a "sky is falling" type of personality? R,
  4. Like I said.....let's use the same methods to predict the stock market and the weather. Why is it that "mathematical models" will accurately predict how many people get infected by a virus, but they lack the ability to predict the weather or the stock market? R,
  5. 2.2 million? Why don't we predict the stock market and the weather whilst we're at it. I'll throw my prediction into the ring as well, how about....561, 718? R,
  6. I'll have to make a correction in wording perhaps, there is no "national shutdown" in the USA. Trump's extension of social distancing guidelines until April 30
  7. I will concede that the US is unique, for the reasons I outlined above. Any healthcare related emergency is not something the US is well equipt to deal with. It would be easier for the US to mount a full scale invasion of a foreign country, than to deal with a health emergency within its own borders. Even middle class Americans with no health insurance will avoid the hospitals, knowing they could be hit with a $20, 000.00 - $30, 000.00 medical bill for a 2 day stay. It's simply not in American DNA to accept a, "healthcare for all" mentality. Even though on this very forum, members have vehemently defended America's for profit healthcare system. R,
  8. Yes, and I'm proud of the fact that he's taking it all in stride, shrugging it off in fact. So many of my hysterical neighbours and friends could learn from him. Germany is testing a lot more than other countries. it's the same procedure as the South Koreans, so they were ahead of the curve. Ok, so let's replace mass hysteria and Draconian lock downs, with......science. Hmmm, could we do that instead? R,
  9. Gee, who knew this would happen? Precisely what Justin Trudeau tried to do in Canada, yes Canada....that liberal bastion loved by the Hollywood stars. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52095500 I'm amazed at how quick people are to surrender their civil liberties, what's happening in the UK would make George Orwell say, I never saw that coming. R,
  10. Of course that's ridiculous, as if any government anywhere has those kinds of resources or manpower. Besides the courts are all closed in most places anyway. Boating season opens May 1st, I'll be out on the water. Of course I fully expect some government twit to decide that COVID-19 lives on the water now as well, and can therefore attach itself to the hull of a boat, and be brought back to shore. My 16 year old son calmly goes to his job at the supermarket and interacts with the public all day. He's not giving into the mass hysteria displayed by so many on this forum. Over 100, 000 people have fully recovered from COVID-19, a fact that the media simply refuses to talk about. If I check any of the news sites right now, without even looking I know what they'll say.....Cases increase to XYZ number. Same as yesterday and the day before, and the day before. No mention of those that recover, why is that? And what is Germany doing right, that everyone else appears to be doing wrong? But what is remarkable about Germany's COVID-19 outbreak to date, is the relatively small number of deaths — 482 as of March 29. That works out to a case fatality rate of just 0.8 per cent, compared to China's four per cent, between six and eight per cent in France and Spain, and 11 per cent in Italy, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resoures Center. Oh the Germans seem to think that keeping people locked up inside is a bad idea, gee, no wonder I own so many German cars, smart people: Experts in Germany anticipate that it will be months before their outbreak is brought under control, and that COVID-19 may well spike again in the fall, as the weather turns and people come back into closer, indoor contact.
  11. An excellent example of how a lock down has tremendous negative impacts: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52086274
  12. This is how you do it, good job Sweden. You don't shut down the entire economy with ridiculous Draconian measures. Measures that are proving not to work anyway as time drags on: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52076293
  13. Quite frankly they live outside in the open air, and as anyone knows, any person to person disease transmitted by breathing is greatly lessened out in the open air. The pandemic victims in 1918 recovered much faster when they were placed outside in the open air as the warm weather came. Now look at seniors homes by contrast....elderly people stuck inside all day, no wonder out breaks happen in such places. R,
  14. Yes, I can guarantee you the number of carriers is way higher than 1600. Same for the entire world population. Most people are simply not developing symptoms. The only way to guarantee these restrictions will work is if you implement a full quarantine, and that means closing the grocery stores as well. My son is 16, works in a grocery store, he is interacting with the public all through his shift at the store, he could get it from a customer, and then spread it. But what is the alternative? Shut the grocery stores and starve the population? We're going to have to learn how to live along side COVID-19, just as we have learned to live along side the flu which killed 32, 400 Americans last year. But evidently was not a media worthy statistic, I had to look it up on the CDC website. R,
  15. Then May 1st, June 1st, July 1st....X worldwide. Governments will have no choice but to go a different direction on this: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/residential-tenants-landlords-face-dilemma-080004287.html
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