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  1. It is a bit much, considering our circumstances, but we are planning to do a screen test of one key scene that involves a number of technical challenges. Our hero does combat with a pair of giants, played by one normal sized actor. We have a size double to play the hero to make the giants look big. We'll do a reverse shot or two in order to show the actual hero actor. It's also against a green screen, and we'll add a snowy background later. I don't want to just make the background white, since the color of snow varies slightly with light and the angle. Then we'll add some snowflakes to tie everything together. So, yes, a screen test is essential in this case, I think. :)
  2. I got a guy who's taking a music eidting class in college. He's so willing to get the experience that I've cast him as one of the film's monsters. Actually, both monsters, since they are composited twins. I agree about amateur sound; I hear this a lot on local TV commercials. We'll have to do some Foley, We may re-record dialog in studio, although I prefer live. And I have some classical music to cut up for the score. Thanks! Robert E. Howard's The Frost-Giant's Daughter
  3. I am not sure what people see in this technique. For myself, the "stuttery" effect (as in Private Ryan) distracts me from the action amd calls attention to itself.
  4. I am looking at funding my film through Kickstarter. I am pitching this to fans of my genre,
  5. I would jump out there and film it with the rain, cast it as a character, use it! But that's the sort of director I am. :)
  6. The flight attendants take over the plane. What do they want? Why are they doing this? It's not what it seems! what's the big twist?
  7. Certainly if you have access to better spaces, then it can be a pretty suspicious choice. :) But for a no/low budget indie, it may be all you can afford. I was doing my auditions in my second bedroom/office. One of the actresses seemed apprehensive about that and asked if she could audition out in the living room instead, but then she saw the camera and my DP. I'm glad I didn't scare her off. :)
  8. Most good battle scenes that I have seen, tend to emphasize the randomness of battle violence. Instead of having all the violent action going in one direction for one side, and in another direction for the other side, I'd mix is up and try to emphasize the chaos of battle. But that doesn't mean it's shot randomly. :)
  9. How many takes are you figuring on? If you get more cameras you can do it with fewer takes.
  10. Hi. My friends and I are filming a short indie film this coming winter. I have a variety of exoerience and training, but mostly think of myself as amateur. My good friend is a videographer and CGI artist. We have a good story and I am nailing together a script based on it. He has elected me to be director and that makes him my DP. It's a fantasy movie, and we're going to be taping on HD in the Sierra Nevada, in the snow. I'm blessed to have some amazingly talented and dedicated up-and-coming actors on this voyage. The thing that concerns me most is of course, shooting in the winter in the snow. Days will be short (although we're in California), the weather and lighting will be unpredictable and of course I expect the cast and crew to be cold and miserable. But it will be glorious.
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