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  1. Great! That's great advice, especially the lighter fluid. Never would have thought of that. Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated. Wish me luck tomorrow!
  2. Hey all, I'm an NYU film student and I'm getting my first paid gig to do creative work for a restaurant in CT with my Canon 7D. I was wondering if you had any tips/tricks/advice for shooting a restaurant piece. My plan was as follows: Shots of food with a 50 at between a 2.8 and 4. I just got the Technicolor profile so I'm probably going to use that, although I need to figure that stuff out more. Shots of the restaurant full of people. Shots of wine being poured into a glass. Does anyone have any advice in terms of lighting food? I would like to get the steam coming off hot pizzas and meals, so for that I was just going to throw a light behind it to illuminate the smoke, but other than that? This is done on a shoestring budget, FYI. I've worked on countless shoots thru NYU but, ironically, I feel confident lighting people but not food. Does anyone have any cool websites/commercials they've done? Its a local restaurant so I'm not looking for Burger King style stuff, but more personal ads. So yeah, that's about it! Any advice/comments/whatnot are greatly appreciated! Aaron
  3. Hey all, I'm an NYU film student who shoots a lot with my Rebel XS, but I'm looking to upgrade to the 5D. I've been searching for a deal forever so I could actually afford it, and I found this: http://www.getitdigital.com/package.php?id=548 Wondering what y'all think. Too good to be true? Any idea about those lenses? I've never heard of that brand before, but I have a good amount of glass already. The XS kit lens (17-55), a 50/1.4, 75-200/3.5-4 and a 100mm Macro with an FD mount. If this seems legit and worth it, I may just bite the bullet and go for it. Best, Aaron
  4. Hey all- Thanks for the input so far! I've 2nd'ed twice since and First AC'ed once and I've been much, much more efficient and on top of things. One more issue I've encountered though: When laying down marks, what do you guys do for carpets? I put my camera tape down on carpet once and learned my lesson, but I can't figure out a way to mark it otherwise. Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello all, I'm new to this forum, but I'm a sophomore at NYU's film program and I just wrapped my first shoot as 2nd AC with film. I'd 2nd AC'ed with digital but I never with film. My concerns/questions were as follows: 1) I struggled with the clapper and camera reports. Along with moving camera, setting focus, running mags back and forth/loading them (I know, technically, that's two jobs but still), swapping lenses and laying down marks, I found I had the hardest time finding places to leave the slate where it wouldn't be moved. This was especially a problem with the camera reports as they could just blow away. I started to just put the reports in my pocket and leave the slate under the sticks after we'd sandbagged it, but there must be a better way to do this...? 2) I'm pretty sure I have this right, but I was told differently. The call goes: "Sound speeds"-Speeding-"Five Apple take 1"-Camera rolls-Rolling-Mark *Clap*-Clear-Frame, or so I thought. What we were doing was "Sound speeds-speeding-(camera rolls without a call from the AD)-"Five Apple take 1"-Mark and clear-Mark *clap*-Frame 3) We had no monitor setup, so the DP had his eye to the eyepiece. The 1st AC pulled focus, but on a normal (when I say normal, I mean union) shoot wouldn't 2nd AC pull focus as 1st AC looked through the piece/did camera movements? 4) I didn't bring my light meter to set, because I thought I didn't need it, but today I was wondering if the 2nd AC should have a meter. 5) My kit consisted of: 4 dry-erase markers, LED flashlight, leatherman, knife, lighter, pad and pen, tape measure, masking tape and blue painters tape. I also had my gaffing gloves from my G&E kit but I never used them, along with a leveler and sets of batteries. I could have used a Sharpie to write on masking tape and put on the clapper for permanent info, like the production, director, and DP. Is there anything else I should have? Those are all my pressing interests. Nobody really taught me how to do my job, I kind of learned by osmosis after doing G&E on a lot of other shoots and google, so I'm sorry if these questions are basic or whatnot. Plus, I've never been on a union shoot, but I'd like to know how industry sets operate. Finally, I'd like to know of any resources for AC work? I heard of this book, "The Camera Assistants Manual"...where can one get it, for cheap (I am, after all, a college student). Also, I've heard that I should have different colored tape for the different actors' marks. Where can I pick that up (my shitty painter's tape was the best I could do)? After all I've said, if you have any other comments/suggestions/questions/whatnot please say so! I'm only looking to improve, so any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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