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  1. Yeah some of the spaces in which I am being asked to shoot are confining. Unfortunately the folks wanting video have zero clue about how it is done or what one needs to achieve a shallow depth of field. And they expect everything to be easy and fast. *sigh* After waiting a loooong time for the search function to come back I found this lens... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHZUM5Q/?coliid=IG4RJVNY0FIXO&colid=LVXD2YUUA1T1&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I wonder how good this would be in my situation. Low light shooting will be a must in many cases over here.
  2. I found it, though it wasn't exactly easy. it's a really odd setting. 50mm is not all that wide to me. I wonder if there is anything a bit wider that isn't fish eye? Searching Amazon from here is ridiculously painful to do. It usually errors out. Searching anything from here is tough. Any recommendations with links is really appreciated.
  3. Hey gang, posting from china where it is VERY difficult to connect to this website. My boss handed me a Sony a6300 and expected me to just know how to use it since "you know video and made short films." Doesn't work that way. I cannot find how to change the shutter speed on this bloody camera. Can someone clue me in? Auto settings are total garbage. Google is blocked here and searching with a vpn has been painful. Hours at it and I cannot get an actual answer. Why is it always so hard to find this one setting on cameras? Also, he just expected to be able to have "movie footage" with the kit lens, not having a clue how to get a shallow depth of field. Can someone recommend an affordable lens for this camera that can get me down to maybe 1.8? The two lenses he has are 3.5 and 4.0. Uhhh, not gonna do the trick. Thanks! It needs to be relatively wide angle since I will be forced to shoot indoors a lot with two people in frame. :(
  4. Never ever EVER pay by anything other than Credit Card or Pay-Pal. You are just asking to be ripped off. You were badly treated and that sucks, but as another said above, if it is not broken, do not try and fix it. My experience with older projectors and cameras is when they break, by another because everyone I have ever tried has been a complete turd on a stick, a liar, a charlatan or worse.
  5. I really cannot understand why Kodak hasn't asked some folks who shoot a lot of 8mm to take the camera and make something impressive. Give them the camera and a boatload of free film. No question I could do something fantastic with that camera were I given the chance. WTH is Kodak doing?
  6. I shot my last Super8 project with mostly 220T and some 500T. We cropped to 1.85:1 in post, reframing as need be. The grain is heavy, but not "thick." Personally I was pleased with the results.
  7. So how LOUD is this camera? That is something I have yet to hear about.
  8. Brutal honesty... Way too long. Needs significant editing. Matte the sides so you cannot see you were flipping frame. Never start with credits in a short film. Ever. In the modern society with limited attention spans 99% will just clock away. I had to skim through some of it simply due to having so little time on my hands. Going from heavy grain to minimal grain was distracting at times. As others have said, the wobble is distracting. That all being said, at times the imagery was beautiful. You had some good sound design in spots (listening through headphones). Just keep shooting, refining what and how you shoot and keep editing editing editing.
  9. Been a long time since I posted (been busy) but after looking at the footage all I can ask is, who in the hell is in charge at Kodak? This footage is not just unimpressive. It's bad. Everything that makes 8mm look amateurish is present. Blaming the scanner or anything in post isn't acceptable. They are showing us test footage. What we see is what we see. And it's lousy. They can't even clean the damn gate! Should Kodak want success they need to deliver something that is better than the nearly four decades old bullet proof Nikon R10's I have used over the years. That camera has never failed me. And I have owned a few of them. The R10 isn't the only old camera to kick @ss so I am sure plenty of current Super8 shooters are wondering if they will finally be given a reason to invest in somethign else. So far I don't think so. At the end of last year I sold all my gear thinking this is it for me. I shot my last Super8 project (it was a mix of 8 and digital) and figured I'd only get back in if someone released a new camera that had some improvements over what we were used to. The all to briefly released Logmar certainly had some astounding design improvements, but I fear we are going to get none of them. Call me Mr. Skeptical if you like. I am just being honest.
  10. Update. A friend of mine has a 2015 iMac and she said I can use hers if I upgrade her memory. So I just ordered two 4GB's for her and Amazon will deliver Tuesday. I'll use her system Wednesday. Cutting it close, but I have also ordered ram for my friend's 2011 era MAC to get it to 8GB. That'll be out backup. Fingers crossed. aapo that solution makes my eyeballs and ears bleed. :)
  11. Hey gents. I have been scrambling as I try to finish travel arrangements and pack. Then we had a power outtage here NO REASON WHY! Happens a few times each summer. I am out of time in finding solutions since I have to take my system apart this morning. What will likely happen is we install Adobe CC on my friend's MAC and pray it works. 4GB of ram is positively anemic, but maybe we can get away with it. I'd upgrade the ram in it if we could find it in the NYC area Tuesday. Going without a true viable plan, but I'll pray I can make it all work out. Anybody in NYC area with a MAC? :)
  12. My head is exploding. I can build a PC no problem, but this techno speak is beyond me. I have a friend in NY with an i5 2.7 GHz iMac (I believe 12.1), but it only has 4GB of memory. I haven't used anything with less than 16GB in years so I have no idea if his system will crash. He doesn't have Adobe CC but we could always download it, get it installed and start the trial. One issue, of course, is budget. I am over-budget and broke. How shocking! It's not like places in NYC are inexpensive. After speaking with a few it's clear I can't even hope to afford them. I'd like to avoid low resolution since some of my project is 2k scanned Super8 and it is difficult enough matching lip movements in HD, let alone SD.
  13. Hey everyone, I am having a heck of a time trying to please my sound editing guy who is insisting on a ProRes 422. "That is the only codec that will express every frame." Well I cannot export ProRes from a PC. Period. It is NOT supported. The only way I have found I can solve that is by purchasing some software I cannot possibly afford. I have repeatedly asked him to give me an alternative and he says he cannot because he knows of no other way to have video that expresses every frame. So please, for the love of all that is Holy. Someone give me a solution. I am using Premiere Pro from CC 2015 on an i7 based PC with Windows 7. I need a solution because I fly Sunday night for NYC and if I don't have a solution, i am ****ed. Do I sound stressed? I am. Completely.
  14. The Nikon R10 does insanely well at low light. I know this from personal experience with the camera.
  15. A friend of mine in NYC was so into the look of the actual film on my recent (still in post-prod) short that she is toying with the idea of shooting 16mm or Super16 on her third feature. Her first was shot on a DSLR. Her second digitally (I forget which Sony, but it's a good camera and far better than any DSLR). The subject matter and tone would benefit from a film look and she really loves the look she seen in recent 16mm productions. She was able to shoot her last film with an average of two takes due to robust rehearsals. She is thinking a 3:1 ratio for the next feature. I told her 4:1 is more realistic. We are talking about a romance/drama of around maybe 1hr 45 minutes. No FX. No car chases, etc. :) So how can I help her get an estimate on what she might spend on film stock? Processing and grading? Her budget will be around 100k if shot digitally, but she may be able to push it to 125k if she can shoot on film. Any help in coming up with some numbers or estimates would be greatly appreciated.
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