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  1. hi, I gues the SD8/60 drive is gone. if not i am interessted, it would perfectly fit to my beaulieu 9008 pro kind regrdas david
  2. hm, well I think there are diffrent versions of 6008 and 7008 register pins out there. but björn can fix that for sure.
  3. hi, thats true, but i am not interessted to buy it, but i am curious about the final price. have senn only one of thes lenses last 5 years on ebay, so how much where produced? maybe hundret? how ever, not my price range
  4. ultra rare lens for super8 http://www.ebay.at/itm/121106134784?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  5. Hallo Molenaar, I did ask wittner, but i get my hands on a copy of a beaulieu 9008 S, so that should be ok foor me, its in german language, so i dont know if that is interessting for you? if so please give me a request, maybe i will scan it for you, I also found a manual for the 7008 pro series and also a repair manual. your 60m kodachrome cassette modification sounds interessting?, how does it work? how is the picture stability? do you have don the modification by your self or is there a instruction for it avaiable somwhere? I also have one of these 60m casets in original case. havent opend it until now. kind regards gotan
  6. hi adries, no SD-8 :-(, havent seen any SD-8/60 for long time now, would be a dream, also the 9008 pro i got isnt SD-8 ready. I also didnt find a user manual for the 7008 pro, so maybe a manual for the 7008 and 9008 doent exist, I know there is one for the 6008 pro. I dont need it for filming, its more to complete my equipment. kind regrads david
  7. Hallo, I had great luck to get a beaulieu 9008 pro, so anyone out there can supplie me with a user manual? german or english, please give me a request if help is possible. kind regrads dave
  8. My Question, are there any experienced BOLEX filmers used the MÖLLER anamorphots? for example the 16/32/ x1,5 with a bolex H16 or a bolex DS8 camera? I am a beaulieu fan, so I had good experiences using the original isco 36 anamorphic lens in combination with the schneider 10 mm fixed lens, works fine. on ebay is this interessting auction: http://www.ebay.at/itm/280987689282?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 sadly I dont on a bolex H16 or DS8. would be interesstingto test this kind of lens. regards david
  9. Hi Nick, Yes, a copy would be still great.eglish is good. kind regards
  10. Hallo, Peter I have the same problem at the moment, I want to attach an anamorphotic lens (bolex) to the angenieux 8-64, so need an adaptor 46,5 to 39. I found out that the thread on the front lens is a (rare, strange) 46,5 mm, also in a post from björn andersson I found this information. There is also the original sunhood, made out of metal, its a two part one, the thread on the front is a series VII filter size, you can find easely filters for that size. bute the 46,5 mm is still a challenge, maybe some one else can do an adabtor by its own? kind regrads david
  11. To all PATHE CAMERA owners: ...there is a possibility to get professional service for your PATHE CAMERAS in Europe. My PATHE ELECTRONIC DS8 DUOLIGHT was serviced by Valcarenghi Damores, he is I think now the only real PHATE SERVICEMAN offering repair and sevice. He also bought the hole spare-parts-collection from Mr. Ferarri (Swizerland, former Pathe repair specialist). So if you need a specific part for your camera, maybe you can get it there. as I know he offers: repair of the duolight light meter system, adjustment repair of the reflex mirror recelling of old handle-batteries lubrication, cleaning, service and for sure he is the man for all other "PATHE PROBLEMS" I would say prices for servic and repair are realy fair!!! CONTACT: Valcarenghi Damores Viale-Santuario Nr. 34 I-26012 Castelleone Gremona / Italien Tel. 0039 / 37458571 Mobil: 0039 / 3356210663 v.damores@alice.it note: Mr. Valcarenghi is a realy friendly man, but he is speaking italian, and just little english, he is translating the english mail via an automatic translationsoftware, or somtimes his son is helping him to translate, so best is keep sentences simple as possible, and bring the problem to a point. but its not a big problem to do a proper conversation, because he is an expert, a lot of pathe problems are always the same, so he is well experienced. ...bring your PATHE CAMERA back to life :-) david
  12. Hallo,Andries ... to all with that simmilar problem Björn andersson can do a modification to solve that. so I will go for that option. kind regards David
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