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  1. All filters are glass, in perfect condition and come in their original sleeves. I paid around $10,000 for them but would be happy to get $2,500 as I am mostly working out of town and they are too heavy to take with me. On a typical commercial/music video shoot, this package rents for $300 per day. If interested, you can contact me at wade@aaronwade.com 6.6X6.6: Tiffen 85 Tiffen 85 B Tiffen 85 N3 Tiffen 85 N6 Tiffen 85 N9 Tiffen 81EF Tiffen 80A Tiffen Straight ND 3 Tiffen Straight ND 6 Tiffen Straight ND 9 Tiffen ND grad 3 soft Tiffen ND grad 9 soft Tiffen ND grad 3 hard Tiffen ND grad 6 hard Tiffen ND grad 9 hard Tiffen Blue grad 3 Tiffen Blue grad 5 Tiffen Tropical Blue grad 3 hard Tiffen 1/8 Black promist Tiffen 1/4 Black promist Tiffen Tobacco 1 Tiffen Straw 2 Tiffen Harrison Diff. 1/2 Tiffen Harrison Diff. 1 Tiffen Harrison Diff. 2 Schneider B&W Tru-Pol Polarizer 4X5: Harrison Diff. 1/2 Harrison Diff. 1 Harrison Diff. 2 Tiffen 82 A Schneider Storm Blue 1 Schneider Storm Blue 2
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