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  1. Looking for Cameflex Standard mount lenses that will cover 35mm. Primes or Zoom lenses in working condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Marc
  2. That's why I am an Amazon Devotee. Marc
  3. I agree 100% that the Aspect issue sucks. I just got a 32" Sony Google TV and I can't chastise Netflix too much for $7.99 a month for their service.
  4. I just renewed my AC subscription for three more years.
  5. The 2010 Panasonic Plasmas really caught my eye at CES this year. The new models roll out in March. They have a link up with the lower line sets now, and I was told the higher end models will be out soon after. I really liked the non glare anti reflective screen. Panasonic Plasma
  6. Really a great presentation of a great story of two masters. Try to catch it if you have an opportunity.
  7. Canon FD Lens Info Pretty much the most Canon info in one place.
  8. We carry a truckload of other veterinary equipment including ultrasound. We talked about hauling a processor but temperature extremes in the required trailer / darkroom even with climate control seemed like a bad idea instead of investing in the Digital system. It takes awesome radiographs and you can carry it on an airplane. I don't miss the processor at all. Some mobile X-Ray outfits used the Polaroid radiology stuff too.
  9. I'm doing radiology on horses at off site locations. A reshoot due to motion blur or a my bad require a new free of charge farm visit with a couple of hours travel time before you hit the darkroom. The is CR (computed radiography) that uses a cassette with a plate that needs to be read, and erased for reuse that your hosital used, and DR (digital radiography) that uses primarily an amorphous silicon plate (about $50k) that is hard wired to the acquisition unit(about another $50k). (this is the system we use) Most people don't realize photo chemical radiology employs a screen to produce the image on film with visible light when the phosphors are excited by the X-Ray generator. This reduces expose for the patient and the practitioner. X-Rays BTW- Missing Cleveland at all? I've been gone to the desert for 21 years myself.
  10. Remember even the finest grain sheet X ray film is only capturing a shadow picture of the phosphors on the screen in the film plate or cassette then exposing the film so actual resolution on film is less than to start with. It is a DICOM format image which is a medical imaging standard. I down converted it to a JPEG to save space in the post. I also removed the Client name, acquisition info, and annotations. The plate captures 4096 X 2048 There is a lot of software involved. Enhancement algorithms utilizing known anatomy and viewing adjustments as well as brightness , contrast, measurement and magnification. The instant viewing in the field or barn are part of the process that streamline the work flow. It is nice to not have to maintain a processor and spend the darkroom time to see if you got your shot. DICOM
  11. Karl is right, finding a cool place is the best solution. I loaded and unloaded thousands of radiography plates for equine veterinary use in the bag here in Las Vegas, Nevada in brutal heat. If you can't find a cooler spot to load, I always brought a fan. We are in our third year using a digital radiography capture system and I REALLY don't miss the bag. We shoot @ 4K X 2K on a 8 X 10 plate.
  12. If the projector has a color wheel it is a DLP not a LCD.
  13. Here is a link that covers home theater design, including resolution in relation to viewing distance. For the most part IMHO it is pretty good info. Home Theater Excel Calculator
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