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  1. I'm definitely no pro but a lot of the dolly shots I have seen in reels have been really interesting and definitely selected by the director to add to the story. If it is a dolly shot just for the sake of showing that you can use one and it hasn't been justified then it probably shouldn't sit in your reel as you really want to show case your work. That's just my opinion and I haven't even cut together a reel since I started studying film! Check out some of the professional reels on the site that have a lot of work that I envy!
  2. You asked for what I thought and here it is: I think that in it's current form 3 mins is to long for this sort of film. I found myself wanting to skip through it about 1 minute and a bit through as the music and shots were becoming quite repetitive. It's difficult to keep people engaged when there isn't an obvious story and unless you are a fan of this particular camera it's hard to sit through essentially 3 minutes of montage of the camera. I cannot fault your technical skills though. All the shots were well done and the focus pulls, pans and tilts were fine. I'm not sure what else you would want someone to share about the film?
  3. Ha I think it it because it is. It's not a case of seeming like it is. It's not like that in your editor is it?
  4. Ah I see what you mean. However, if it had been sunlight it would have been indirect sunlight which would have been more diffused. This also doesn't account for the two hard shadows that are visible in the scene. If the sunlight had been direct then it would have been much more golden as it would have to have been setting or rising to be at the angle to be able to shine directly through the window.
  5. Nice. I like some of the shots but here are some pointers if you want my opinion. Firstly I'm not a fan of not being able to hear what someone is saying so I don't like the opening bit or the shot of the black teacher? Don't know if the dialogue is completely useless or it might fit on it's own but it distracts me when I don't know what they are saying. Like the POV shot but I don't think it's from the same piece that the next shot is (really nice shot of the girl) and I don't think they should be next to each other as it acts as a jump cut anyway. What did you shoot the POV with by the way and did you have to make the rig? I would say that in my opinion it could do with more shots as I realise that it's only 30secs long but it feels like all the shots are held for a bit too long and I want to move onto something else. Have you got some more work you could add in?
  6. Since you are shooting on a 550d which I assume is your own and you don't seem to be using anything else (rigs, lighting etc.) I would recommend simplifying your script a bit. Scrap the van, scrap the outside shots and try and shoot it indoors where you will be better able to control all the aspects of your film. You could have two inside locations, one being whatever you use for the first scene and the second for the bedroom. I think you will find 7 minutes is actually a very long time to make a film and you will need quite a bit of dialogue and lots of shots to be able to keep it good. Maybe post some of your previous work so we can see what level you are at and then make suggestions based on your current abilities.
  7. Cheers Daniel, I will have to get onto some of my tutors when the spring term starts and see what they think is best! Thanks.
  8. Unfortunately neither of these universities offer an undergraduate film degree. I don't know how it works in the US but not every university will have every course.
  9. Only point I disagree with is 4. Just because you're shooting at nIght doesn't mean that the light has to be hard. With a scrim or bouncing off a reflector you could have softened it up.
  10. See paul's post Yes, that's the test I am referring too. It's the fact that the original uploader mentions in the comments that 20,000 ISO is equal to 6,400 ISO on the 1div. I'm still confused as surely this puts everything I have learnt with my light meter sort of useless if there can be a 2 stop difference in ISO between cameras? Any idea as to which camera (C300 or 1div) is likely to have the more correct ISO and therefore I can compare to the cameras I have used? Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Yeh the Af101 doesn't really feature on my radar. I agree that the C300 might be a bit too much of a dream but the FS100 would still be a step up from the DSLRs that I have been using. I have heard the low light is also really nice on it! Interesting idea. Where these behind the scenes photo's? How did they benefit the company? I'll probably try and explain that in the future I will be making a lot more rentals and try and entice them to see it as a longer term relationship. Pity that there isn't really any "older" kit when it comes to large sensor digital cinematography. I suppose there is the route of an EX3 style camera with a lens adapter but they are still expensive and the main attraction to the larger sensors apart from the shallow depth of field is the low light capabilities which would be negated with this method. My uni, as Daniel said, will probably cover the insurance but if not I'm sure I will be able to fund this myself. Thanks for pointing it out though as I will get this checked out. Thanks for all the input!
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could explain to be the discrepancy between the ISO sensitivity I have seen on some tests involving the C300. How come when compared to DSLR's ISO 20,000 seems to be about the same sensitivity as ISO 6400 on the DSLRs? Is the ISO standard not a constant? Thanks.
  13. Ok, I have put up some work to be critiqued as well so feel free to say what you feel about mine. I'm not a pro as such but in the same spot as you (I think) being a student so take everything I say with a pinch of salt: 1. The music doesn't fit because at first I thought it was part of the scene and then I realised it was just there to be there. I would have preferred no background music and instead hear the dialogue as the dialogue can influence shot selection. 2. The opening shots are very shaky and don't fit with the static shots that follow. What is the reason for the shakiness? Could it have been steadied? 3. The second shot of the daffodils pulls focus to nothing and the camera drifts across with nothing actually sharp. There is not really a need for this shot. 4. With the tripod shots it's evident from the hard shadow that the scene is lit. What is the motivation behind this lighting as it doesn't look natural as in a shop like this there wouldn't be any horizontal hard lighting at eye level. 5. The shot reverse shot works but without dialogue it's difficult to see whether the shots should have got tighter as it progressed. Also when he sniffs her hair??? it's out of focus. You could have stopped down to increase the depth of field of practiced the shot to make sure that you could pull focus. 6. After that shot the lighting is now coming from behind the guy which means that it has magically changed direction. The hard shadow of the guy is also evident on the girl which looks a bit odd in this environment. That's what I noticed from first watching it. Hope it's helped.
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