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  1. At the moment the position of DP interests me the most. I also like the editting of films - The whole process interests me really. I'm very much interested in advertising so If i were to film I think I would enjoy being a dp shooting an advertising commercial.
  2. Ok, so I've had heaps of advice given to me from this forum so thank you to everyone that has given me an insight into a career in film. I am interested in films and movie production however Advertisements/commercial film production interests me more than Hollywood movie production. Obviously this area will still be competitive but am I more likely to create an income entering this area of film? Any advice on this subject or additional advice is appreciated, thanks. Joe
  3. I know the UK doesn't have a film industry... Only 3% of films shown in the UK are British. What I meant by "we" is if no one ever tryed to get a career in the film industry would the world (we) ever have a film industry?... The answer is no. Any place that has a film industry is made up of people who want to work in film. Surely if everyone gave up just because they knew it was going to be competitive these industries wouldn't exist?
  4. Would that camera be used just for still photography? Thanks for all the advice people.
  5. Thanks, what I'm saying is if you have a passion for something surely you should pursue it. Here in the UK theres thousands of graphic designers yet 95% of them are crap. My dads advertising company are having a hard job finding a good freelance graphic designer at the moment.
  6. http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1275.html < Theres a lot of information there. Good luck!
  7. Thank you for the advice. So are you saying that I'll pick up the functions of certain camera's on the way - but I should mainly just focus on learning photography?
  8. Hey, I'm fifteen should I invest my time in learning with film cameras or just stick to digital as they will most likely replace film in the near future? Would learning with a film camera and digital give me an advantage over young aspiring cinematographers who only know digital? Thanks Joe
  9. Thanks very much. I don't know anything about film :( - I want to learn about lighting etc. but I don't know where?
  10. Ok, I'm going to ask one more question. If no one ever wanted to try and succeed in the film industry, would we even have a film industry? Anyway thanks for all the advice.
  11. Wow man your cinematography skills are incredible. I'd love to be able to create films of that standard when I'm older. I'm only fifteen so hopefully have time to learn. But yeh really good well done.
  12. Hey below is my first ever video/film - Its a minute long and is about freerunning/parkour an urban sport that my brother and his friends do. This was my first film, I realised I messed up some of the cuts and editting. Thanks for your time And cold you have a look at my other post in the student section. Joe Rickards 15 years old England
  13. Hey, my name Is Joe I'm fifteen years old and interested in a carreer in film. I really love film and want to learn to make,edit,direct films. Im currently taking GCSE's but would like to know what is the best route to become a cinematographer/directer? Any advice would be really appreciated. Oh and I've never worked with actualy film before only digital so if someone could give me an insight to the different formats and why we still need them if we have digital (Silly question but I don't know. Also, the benefits of different formats. Thank you for your time Joe
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