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  1. Well maybe i didn't choose the right word to describe it. I think you are right about the desaturation. The scenes are lighted so harsh , that colors seem to pop out. This video was shot just after "Scream" which had a budget around 7 000 000 $, so you are probably right about the 35mm :) Still I cant sleep at night thinking about the post process for that piece of footage. Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your reply.
  2. I remember the day this´╗┐ video made it's debut on TV, those amazing warm pastel colors ! Can someone please tell me how was this image processed ? I think it has a noticeable yellow cast to it, and crushed backs. The colors are so vibrant and warm although I don't think it was shot on film. Any Ideas what camera Mark used ? I went to anything that seemed related in google ,but still no result...
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