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  1. 12 AATON A-Minima Film Spools with Cans available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275361909116 Thanks
  2. The camera package is still available. Asking $13,000. Please send a DM if interested. Thanks.
  3. Hi Peter, Yes, it's still currently available. Please feel free to send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  4. Yes it is - please feel free to send me a PM to discuss. Thanks.
  5. Aaton A-Minima Camera Package Includes: PL mount A-Minima Video tap Power base 4 magazines (new seals in 2019 by AbelCine NYC) Two batteries with charger (re-celled in 2019 and still going strong) Aaton hand grip with switch Long & Short rails Top handle A few other miscellaneous items included Storm/Pelican case If interested, I can also include some additional Kodak A-minima Spools and Cans Factory loaded A-Minima camera loads available at an additional price if interested Located in SoCal PM if your interested and we can discuss price
  6. I shoot a lot of Ektachrome and that looks really nice. If you went for a film scan rather than telecine, you could get a bit more latitude in the shadows. Did I see some over cranking in there as well?
  7. Hi Chris, Did you ever find a solution? Did you get in touch with Kodak? I've had similar problems. Not jams but with the cameras having problems pulling the film through (only with 100D).
  8. John, I would love to know where you got your leather barney for the Scoopic.
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