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  1. Huey Oneil

    Which Camera?

    Thank you...I am looking into that now too.
  2. Huey Oneil

    Which Camera?

    Thank you. I will look into that camera and narrative site.
  3. Huey Oneil

    Which Camera?

    That is not quite what I am looking for. I am looking for something more of a pure bread video camera. Not DSLR and I don't want it to use Nikon Lenses (As mentioned in the feed). If it is really needed for my application I can possibly go up in price to maybe 30K at the most. But as the other feed said the lower the better. What do you think about the Ikegami HDS-V10/E GFCAM Tapeless HD Camcorder? If there is anything better at a cheaper price I am open to suggestions, but please read the top to see what I really need thank you. (I am also looking for a price on a narrator)
  4. Huey Oneil

    Which Camera?

    Well if possible below $10,000
  5. Huey Oneil

    Which Camera?

    Hello, I am an ind├ępendant editor with some filming experience. I am looking into making a documentary on something about Commercial Connection pilots, or something on how small airlines such as Bahamas Air. The documentary would be about the stresses and life of a pilot. If I were to go on how a small airline how they function. To get to the point, I am looking for a durable camera that can be taken places. I want it to have the versatility (ex. Using it for interviews and taking into the cockpit to shoot the flight). I have no preference on whether it should be shoulder mounted or handheld. If you have any suggestions for a camera please respond. P.S. If you have any other documentary suggestions please tell me. And if anyone knows what hiring a narrator would cost for a 1 1/2 hour documentary. Thanks, Huey If you have any detailed questions email me
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