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  1. This is my sample transfer from a Canon 5D MII mov to 35mm Film 160 ASA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDp_xMVw8iM
  2. Will love to work on your project, any format. I own my own equipment such as this fully customized BEALIEU 4008 ZMII sync sound:
  3. I been shooting the same test using a apple LCD 30" display with a super 8 beaulieu sync sound camera at 24fps of course there are several differences from 35mm film to s8 film but since I am still getting the flickering from the LCD I want to know how to avoid that ( I try almost everything even a shutter at 220!) Here the camera I am using:
  4. Dear Bruce, Can you provide the contact info of the person doing this transfers in Ecuador? I want to know what monitor he means? LCD Monitors usually transfer does annoying cross lines to film (remember when we were trying to shoot our titles at film school?) I want to know how he does it so this electric generated lines do't copy to film. Thank you!
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