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  1. Well, Ian, my attitude has changed. After a long talk with my professor he urged me to do the project the proper way and actually gave me two rolls of black and white film for free if I choose to shoot on film and not try my digital idea. It's not color though like I wanted but whatever. I'll shoot on film and see how it comes out. I'm shooting this weekend. So will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks. Aubrey
  2. No sorry. I do not live under a bridge. And I never asked for all this hate filled attention. I simply asked for help with my class project because I can not afford film. If you don't care about my project fine. But do not call me ugly and a troll. In any case, you will be pleased to know I will ask my professor today if I can use my own camera and not shoot film. I hope he agrees. And thanks to the people who actually gave helpful suggestions. Aubrey
  3. I have such a hangover. Yesterday's stress was too much and drank a bit to much last night and just rooled out of bed. Whatever. Trying to get it together this morning and get to class. Whatever to the haters. I think I am going to listen to that guy I let take me out for coffee yesterday. I bet his idea will work. If anyone has other ideas, please let me know. Will check in later taoday. Thanks. Aubrey
  4. Well, that won't happen because I don't want to be a cinematographer. I'm going to be a director and I would be hiring you. Not the other way around. Anyway, it's been a stressful day so I am going out with my girlfriends tonight and kick back for a bit. But I'll check in on you boys when I get home tonight. Maybe you will have some more ideas that can help my project. Aubrey
  5. Well whatever. If most of you guys want to be haters that is fine. But for those who don't and want to contribute to making my project great please weigh in. I let the smartest guy in class take me out for coffee this afternoon and I picked his brain on how to do this and he says it's not that hard and I should be okay. I showed him the YouTube vid and he wasn't impressed at all. He thought it was rather poorly done and I could do a lot better with an idea he gave me. He suggested I shoot my project with my digital camera and string my stills together to make my project, then burn it to a DVD, and then play it on an old color television he has at his house. And he would then film it playing on the screen with a Mini-DV camera and do it handheld so it has some jerky segments. Then we could put that tape back into my computer and then burn that to a DVD and it should look soft, blurry and jerky and the professor probably won't know. Does anybody think that might work? At this point the final project is due in two weeks so whatever I decide I need to do quickly. Thanks guys! Aubrey
  6. Okay. Okay. I am getting more than a bit overwhelmed. But I simply can't shoot film. It's too expensive. I don't have the money. I have my digital camera in front of me right now. It is a Canon A1100IS PowerShot. This camera takes far better photos than the scratchy blurry YouTube example I want to mimic. Isn't there some type of process where I can simply do to make it junky like the YouTube video. Thanks guys, I hope somebody can figure this out for me. Aubrey
  7. I know. I know. But I thought I could afford it. I thought that the 8mm film was cheap but I guess it isn't. We do have to shoot film. But I'm just saying would there be any way I could use a digital camera and have it look like this? The description in the YouTube says it was shot still single frame. Why couldn't I just do that with my digital camera? Right? Thanks! Aubrey
  8. Hi Guys, Hey everyone, here is the issue I am having. I am a college student who is taking a film production course and we have to shoot some film and I don't have the money to do it. Here is what I want to do, something like this visually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Itfu50QPvOU But I can't afford to shoot film, but I do have a digital camera. Is there anyway I could use my digital camera and take single shots and string them to together and the film instructor not be the wiser? I desperately need help with this, I simply don't have the money to buy film and pay to get it processed. Any ideas, guys? Aubrey
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